mental health

Over the last few years, people are talking about mental health more and more. Rewind say, 50 years, and mental health was considered to be a disease that people were stuck with, and it was very much frowned up to either have a mental health problem or know someone withRead More →

workout motivation

Doesn’t the new year feel like a lifetime ago? The best sign that we’re well into the year is that all of those incredibly optimistic resolutions that people made to get in shape and work out more have almost certainly gone right out of the window. If that’s something that’sRead More →


There’s a common misconception that bodybuilding will make women look ‘manly’. While using weights for fitness can undoubtedly make women look stronger and fitter, it will by no means make them look manly. In fact, bodybuilding can be so beneficial. It can strengthen the bones and muscles, make living everydayRead More →

Hospital stay

Hospital visits are rarely pleasant experiences. No one likes going away from home at the best of times, especially not for a hospital stay. Not only will you be taken from your comfort zone, but you’ll also likely experience needles and medications. On top of which, hospitals aren’t exactly suitedRead More →