Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Over the last few years, people are talking about mental health more and more. Rewind say, 50 years, and mental health was considered to be a disease that people were stuck with, and it was very much frowned up to either have a mental health problem or know someone with one.

But now the care people are receiving is so much better, the help that is available is as good as it has ever been, and society’s view on what mental health is just improving year on year.

Don’t get us wrong, there are still some improvements on judgment that need to be made. But at the rate we’re going, mental health will be as easily recognized and understood as normal health. So, let’s talk a bit more about mental health and what you can do if you know someone who is suffering.

mental health

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Different Types

The types of mental health problems that there are, vary just as much as any typical health problems that you can get. There are so many different types of issues and some of which are still not fully understood.

At one end of the scale, you’ve got depression. In the US alone, 16 million people a year suffer an episode of depression. Whether that be long-lasting or just a week or so of feeling really low. But for some people, it controls their whole life, and there often isn’t a way out of it.

At the other end of the scale, you’ve got chronic conditions such as schizophrenia. We’re still learning what schizophrenia is and how the brain actually controls it.

But it’s a lifelong mental health problem, and a lot of people are sectioned to institutions to make sure they get the best quality of life.

So you see, there are many problems, and their symptoms can range from severe to barely noticeable on the surface. But what we do want to make clear is that every sufferer finds their unique condition a big issue, and that’s why we need to be doing more about the awareness and treatment of mental health issues.

Method Of Treatment

So, as we’ve said, the methods of treatment are varied, and just like with some usual health treatments such as antibiotics, one thing that might work for one person might not work for another.

If someone is suffering from a bit of anxiety or depression, the chosen method of treatment is therapy. This is perfect for understanding how a patient works and getting to the root of the problem rather than trying to mask it with treatment.

If the issue is severe enough, the use of SSRIs, or antidepressants might be useful. It’s always important to combine any drug treatment with therapy, the combination of both has always proved most effective.

What To Do If You Know Someone Suffering

If you know someone suffering, then don’t act any different. The worst thing you could do is start treating someone differently. They’re still the same person, and they’re just going through a bit of a time that they can’t control.

Be a shoulder for them to cry on, an ear for them to talk to, and a friend that can just generally pick their mood up. You should look out for warning signs that could suggest they’re deteriorating such as withdrawal from social interaction.

As long as you are aware of the signs and try to keep communication open, you will be doing a lot to help someone who may be suffering.