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Give Cottonelle a Try with This Cottonelle Coupon and Feel Fresh as a Baby’s Bum #LetsTalkBums

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: September 27, 2014 | Categories: Home and Garden
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Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s discussion.

Cottonelle CleanCare Routine Flushable Wipes 2

Would you every wipe a baby’s bum with a dry tissue or cloth? Of course you wouldn’t. We make sure that we keep our baby’s bums clean and soft. We don’t say as soft as a baby’s bottom for nothing. It’s because we know the bum is a sensitive area and needs to stay clean.

So… why is it they we wouldn’t continue to treat our bums the same way as we get older?

I say we still deserve to feel as fresh as a baby’s bum. I use Cottonelle toilet paper and Cottonelle Flushable Cleaning Cloths in my bathroom routine to keep my bum clean and fresh. I also make sure to have Cottonelle in my son’s bathroom. Boys really need something extra to make sure they have a clean bum. It’s just a fact.

Cottonelle CleanCare Routine Flushable Wipes 1

One thing we all use every day is toilet paper, so finding this great Cottonelle coupon was nice. If I can save money on toilet paper and cleaning wipes, I am so on it!

About Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper:

The Cottonelle® Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths feature SafeFlush Technology, so they not only offer you a confident clean but also start to break down immediately after flushing.

Product Details:
– Flushable
– Break up after flushing
– Sewer- and septic-safe
– Alcohol-free
– OneTouch dispensing tub
– Great for the entire family

Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper
– Strong and effective for a confident clean
– Tuggable, huggable softness that goes a long way
– Two-ply
– Pairs well with Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths for the ultimate in clean

Be sure to visit the Cottonelle website and give the Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper (wet+dry system) a try by downloading a $1.50 coupon, NOW!

What kind of bathroom routine to you have in your home?


16 Responses to Give Cottonelle a Try with This Cottonelle Coupon and Feel Fresh as a Baby’s Bum #LetsTalkBums

  1. laurie damrose says:

    I like Cotenelle,and the wipes are great too.

  2. I have used Cottonelle toilet paper and wipes before. We tend to have Huggies wipes on hand since we still use them on our youngest.

  3. HilLesha says:

    Cottonelle has always been one of my go-to brands. 🙂

  4. molli vandehey says:

    my husband swears theresx a huge difference between toilet paper and ive never understood it. i use cloth wipes for my kids, but hubby wont let me use cloth tpoilet paper. what other brands have youtried?

  5. Raijean says:

    I love Cottonelle, they make the best tissue.

  6. I love these wish they came in different scents.
    something softer or unscented for us.

  7. Jenn says:

    I do love the cleaning cloths, they just help you feel so much more fresh!

  8. Nuresha Perera says:


  9. Dorothy Boucher says:

    i love my cottonell but my landlord said that its so thick that its actually been giving his plumming a problem, so i think we are going to have to try something else.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  10. Jenn E says:

    We love Cottonelle but haven’t tried their wet wipes yet!

  11. Angela says:

    I bought an off brand of TP that was on sale and I hate it. It will be back to Cottonelle next time I go grocery shopping.

  12. Crystal says:

    I keep joking with my mom that their house is BYOTP because my dad buys junk. Maybe I’ll give him some Cottonelle for Christmas!

  13. Liz Mays says:

    I like Cottonelle too. That’s what I have in the house. I like the dry-wet-dry method. 🙂

  14. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Cottonelle is so soft. Good TP. Thank you for sharing

  15. Marcie W. says:

    I love Cottonelle toilet paper and am an even bigger fan of their flushable wipes. Both are household staples around here!