Give a Bright Future to Deserving Children

BFI Feb18

I recently became aware of an organization, 'Bright Future International', that has recently launched a worldwide charitable initiative called "Bright Future for Children". The purpose is to raise funds and awareness about the needs of children in Burundi, Kenya and Russia. 

If you "like" the BFI facebook page, $1 will be donated to BFI! Also if you click on the 'Fundraiser' tab, you can read about the different initiatives in Kenya, Russia, and Burundi, and donate to the charity of your choice.

I was moved by all of the charities, but was most moved by the Burundi initiative. I was touched by the story of Immaculate, who lost all her siblings to AIDS and her father to tuberculosis, by the time she as 17. She is the sole survivor and sole provider to her 10 nieces and nephews. There are so many children affected by HIV/AIDS in Burundi. The community-based organization, CHABHA ("Children Affected by HIV/AIDS"), raises funds for grassroots projects in Rwanda and Burundi.

Through CHABHA, Immaculate has started her own goat business, providing her with food and an income for her and her family. And through our donations, CHABHA, can continue to provide healhcare, education, trade workshops, HIV prevention, and more to so many children in need, just like Immaculate.

I encourage you to read the Bright Future International initiatives for yourself, and I'm sure like me, you'll be moved to join the cause. Remember, just by "liking" BFI on Facebook, a $1 will be donated. It was one of the easiest Facebook likes, I've ever clicked.

Any person who makes a donation in the amount of $15 or more will receive a free DVD of the hit music video "A Merry Christmas," featuring Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Larry King, Jordin Sparks, Jermaine Jackson and other stars. Put together by BFI, the goal of the music video was to promote community and peace by uniting people around the world regardless of race, religion and social status.

You can help in several ways:

  • Like BFI Facebook page where a $1 will be donated.
  • Make a donation to one or more of the 3 initiatives — Kenya, Burundi, and Russia.
  • Help spread the word. You can like and share this post on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, or any other of your favorite Social Media outlets. If you blog, feel free to write about "Bright Future for Children", and help BFI bring more public attention to these great charities. Join me in giving a 'Bright Future' to a deserving child.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Bright Future International. A small donation to Bright Future International was made in my name from Mom Central as a thank-you for participating.


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