From Frumpy to Fabulous: Revive Your Living Room in 4 Easy Steps

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revive your living room

Is your living room looking a little frumpy? Is it in need of a face lift? If you haven’t updated the look and feel of your home in some time, then the answer to that question is probably yes.

The living room is one of the most-used rooms in your home, meaning that the carpets, sofa and other furniture wear out more quickly, especially if you have children or pets. To keep your living room looking its best, you may want to consider giving it an upgrade.

1. Start With Creative Paint And Carpeting

The color of the walls and carpet will be the basis for the color theme of the room. Neutral tones generally look great on living room walls, but don’t be afraid to get a little wild as well. Trying things like a brightly colored accent wall or even a mural can give your living room a lot of character. When it comes to carpet, go for medium tones to avoid showing dirt. If you have hardwood floors, look for colorful throw rugs with interesting textures to brighten up the space.

2. Shop For A New Sofa

The next big step in reviving your living room is picking out a new sofa or some oversized chairs. The sofa is the centerpiece of the room and something that you will be using a lot, so it’s important to choose one that is both comfortable and stylish. On your sofa search, be sure to check online stores as well as physical ones. Many online stores offer furniture at an incredible discount and have more inventory for you to look through.

3. Update Your Entertainment Center

No living room would be complete without a state of the art entertainment center. If you haven’t yet upgraded that giant big-screen television to a sleeker, flat-screen model, now is the time. Having a new entertainment center will not only make your living room look more modern and fresh, but it will also bring the family together for more enjoyable movies, video games and television time.

4. Choose Stylish And Functional Pieces

When you have the main elements of your living room in place, you should look for smaller elements that will add a touch of style to the room while providing a function at the same time. Look for a gorgeous ceiling fan that will help keep your family cool during the summer. Seek out soft, colorful throw blankets that will warm you during the cold winter months. Anything that brings both comfort and style will help you keep the room looking nice.

The most important element of your new living room is a happy family. A living room is meant for living, and no matter how you choose to decorate, it will look empty without the right people in it. If you’ve been hungering for some family time, try starting up a new tradition, whether it be game night, movie night or just one special evening each week to sit around and talk.

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  1. Thanks! The way I figure, we spend so much time in our dens/living rooms, why not make it the best room.

  2. Love your living room. thank you for the tips.The fireplace is beautiful

  3. I love your suggestions and hope to spiffy up my living room this summer!

  4. Great ideas! I’m wanting to put a wood treatment on our fireplace wall. I think it’ll become my fall project 🙂

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