Celebrate Father’s Day: Make Memories

When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day, most of us get caught up in the gift buying panic. What to get him? Will he like it, or failing that, will he even use it? The novelty ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug is no longer so novelty! So why don’t we put a pause on the gift buying, and plan something special, because as cheesy as it may sound the memories we create this Father’s Day will last a lot longer than the aforementioned mug!

Cycle Ride

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Riding a bike is great fun in its own right, but setting off with your dad, early in the morning, could turn into an epic adventure! Pack some light snacks and make sure you have plenty of water and just ride! Don’t plan your route, simply go where takes your fancy; that way you don’t have to worry about sticking to a schedule, or having to go a particular way. Be sure to take a camera, to get some goofy snaps. And of course if you really want to cement those memories, why not rent a tandem for the day?

Pizza and a Movie

Now this may sound a little bit obvious, but here in lies a difference – don’t order or buy the pizza. Plan ahead and buy all the raw ingredients, including for making the base. Make sure you have an array of toppings that you know your dad is going to love; and then let out your inner chef! I’m sure most of us, including your dad, have always wanted to try spinning the base. And when you have your prefect home made pizza, it will make watching the movie that little bit more special – just make sure it’s a movie your dad enjoys!


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Fishing is known for being a fatherly bonding activity, but interestingly not so much because of the fishing! It’s usually the time spent together, floating peacefully upon a lake, or relaxing casually at the side of a river, with your dad that’s the important part. You can choose to sit in silence and just enjoy each others company, or you can chat about all the things you never usually have the time to do so.

Organize a Soccer Game

Of course, it doesn’t have to be soccer! It could be baseball, ice hockey etc. The idea, however, is to invite a few good friends over – some of yours and some of his – and spend the day playing friendly, but who are we kidding, highly competitive five aside!

Sailing Lesson

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Sailing is incredibly thrilling. Book a lesson for yourself and your dad, and head on down to the water! You’ll have great fun, learn something new, and possibly even develop an addictive hobby!


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Go for a walk through the woods, up a hill, or even around your local park. You can make up a picnic to take along. It’s amazing how often you can have some of the deepest conversations when you are casually strolling along, walking without a purpose.

This Father’s Day should be about spending time with someone you love, doing something fun and memorable. It’s about taking the time to truly appreciate a relationship that sometimes we take for granted. To all the dads, Happy Father’s Day!

Victoria Shedden writes for SpaceNK. This Father’s Day she’s going to optimistically reach for the sunscreen and cycle to the beach with her dad!


  1. those all sound lovely. Unfortunately my dad can’t do most of those things due to health issues. Usually we do a dinner for him. He doesn’t ask or want for much.

  2. Those are all great ideas. We’ll be definitely making some Father’s Day Memories this year!

  3. Love that vintage photo! A walk is about all our little ones are up for so far.

  4. Pizza and a movie sounds like my husbands speed.

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