Feeling Rash? Some Things That Could be Causing it

Rashes on the body are never pleasant. They’re uncomfortable and on display. It’s no surprise, then, that many of us are keen to act fast and get rid. This is true no matter where on your body the rash appears. But, it’s especially the case if your arms, or face are affected. A visible rash can cause serious damage to your confidence.

Feeling rash? What could be causing your itching skin irritation

Sadly, even the healthiest person can fall foul to a rash in their lifetime. The good news is, remedies often involved little more than changing your lifestyle, or using creams. But, before you can cure the issue, you need to recognize the problem. A doctor can carry out tests to see what’s happening. But, while you wait for an appointment, consider the following common causes.

Common Causes of Skin Rash


Most often, rashes occur because of allergies. In this instance, itchy hives may appear on your skin or full-blown rashes. A good sign that an allergy is to blame will be if your rash comes and goes. In this instance, try to pinpoint what might be causing the issue.
Feeling rash? Could your laundry detergent be causing your skin allergies

Diagnosis will be much easier to come by if you have some idea of what’s creating the problem. It may be that you recently changed detergent, or even that you’ve introduced a new food into your diet. Take note of when your rash appears, and work hard to uncover what you do the same each time. The answer might not be apparent straight away, but keeping note for an extended period is sure to lead to a solution.

Skin conditions

Skin conditions are another common reason for rashes. Sadly, they can be a little more challenging to treat. But, over time, there’s nothing to stop you developing a treatment plan which works. There are a variety of issues which could cause rashes. Most well known is eczema, which causes uncomfortable dry patches on the skin. While most commonly seen in children, there is such a thing as adult-onset eczema.

So, don’t rule this out because you’ve never suffered before. Other causes could be less well-known conditions, like cutaneous lupus, or stasis dermatitis both cause rashes. Researching your symptoms should give you some idea of whether you’re suffering from anything like this. By letting your doctor know your suspicions, you could receive treatment much faster.


In some cases, a rash is also a sign of infection. Fungal infections can be caught in a variety of public settings, such as shared showers. They often manifest in rashes. These are usually quite distinctive, so it’s worth studying some pictures to help you decide.

You may also fall foul to a bacterial infection, like folliculitis. Rashes like these often cause pustular bumps. While again more common in children, it’s not unheard of for this to occur in adults.

Whatever the cause of your rash, it’s crucial you get treatment. As well as helping your skin heal, this’ll help boost your confidence once more. So, don’t hesitate to get started on whatever treatment your doctor suggests.