February IS the month of love


February has come to represent the month of love. You know with Valentine's Day and all… but this month really is a very special month for me. On February 3, 1991, I went on my first and last blind date. This blind date forever changed my life.

On February 23, 2002, I married that blind date. I had hoped to get married on February 3, but had a couple of things that made it not possible. But we did manage to get married in the month of February. 

My darling husband's birthday is in February, too. So I have wonderful things to celebrate this month. It definitely is the month of "love" for us! 

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  1. What a beautiful dress! Happy early anniversary!

  2. awww so very sweet and happy early wedding anniversary you look beautiful

  3. Happy upcoming anniversary and hope you had a great Valentines day. WE, too, are a February couple..today actually 🙂

  4. Your blind date was on my 8th birthday 🙂 It’s a great day!

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