Time for a Bathroom Lighting Makeover

If there is anything I dislike, it is a dark bathroom. When you have a dark bathroom going out into a lighted world, those ever so slight imperfections in makeup and attire shine like a ballerina in the spotlight. Bathroom lighting matters.

bathroom lighting

But when you go from a brightly lit bathroom to the perhaps less bright real world, then everything you have painstakingly nudged into its proper place looks even better.

Time for a Bathroom Lighting Makeover

For this reason I think I am about ready to upgrade the lighting in my bathroom. Now, it isn’t a dark bathroom by any means, but new bathroom lighting fixtures will make it even easier to get things just right for the next busy Monday or night out. I am looking forward to seeing where I can take this project.

I know I want to add bathroom ceiling lighting that creates the proper aura of soft glow that will gently bathe me in white light when I enter the bathroom from a blissful night of rest.

But after coming to a fully awake state, I want to flip the switch and be hit with bright rays of defect highlighting light that tells me in no uncertain terms, “It’s show time!”

Since I’m not a morning person and applying my makeup isn’t the easiest thing for me first thing in the mornings, having good lighting is a must.

After a make-up session in a brightly lit bathroom, I will be more confident that I look the best I can. And then it will be on to my breakfast.

Besides, new lighting is a great way to update any room and give it a new fresh look. Definitely a great home improvement idea.

Hey, did I tell you that I want some new special appliances? But that is a completely different post.


  1. uuugh. Our bathroom lighting looks just like that. I so have something else in mind as well. As soon as we paint out with the old and in with the NEW

  2. I must say that’s one of the best features of my apartment. The bathroom is really nice and well lit.

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