Do You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

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seasonal allergies

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? I do. In fact, the only time I don’t seem to suffer from allergies is during the winter months.

Freezing temperatures keep allergens down, although this winter so far has been warmer than normal, so I did experience some allergy symptoms. In fact, it’s in the 70s here today (but will be in the 40s for a high tomorrow).

Seasonal Allergies

However, January in Tennessee starts up with allergies again for me. I think mostly because our dog is indoors more so the pet dander bothers me.

No one should ever have to suffer from allergies and thankfully there are places like Premier Allergy & Asthma that can help you find relief.

There are some allergen triggers to be aware of…

Seasonal Allergy Triggers


seasonal allergies

During the winter months, an allergy flareup can be mistaken for a cold, since a stuffy nose and watery eyes can be symptoms of both. But if your symptoms don’t disappear in a week or so, you are more than likely suffering from seasonal allergies.

When it’s cold outside we have our windows closed up and the heat on, so allergies spike. Pet dander is an allergen issue all year, but worse in the winter months. And mold and mildew are prevalent, as well.



It’s no surprise that spring is the biggest of the seasonal allergies seasons. Spring is my second favorite season but I hate the allergy symptoms. With pollen, springtime allergies are the worst.

It’s the time of the year when trees, plants, and grasses release teeny tiny grains into the air to fertilize other plants and cause those of us who are allergic to react with allergy symptoms.


allergy season

Summer allergens are grasses and weeds. My brother could not cut his lawn during the summer or he would have a serious allergy attack.

Ragweed is the biggest summer culprit. And it can travel hundreds of miles in the wind so even if it isn’t in your neighborhood, you can be affected.

Pollution can be another big allergen in the summer. And, of course, you have stinging insects (bees, wasps, etc.) during the summer months to pose possible allergic reactions.


seasonal allergies

In the fall, pollen and ragweed are huge triggers of allergy symptoms, just like they are in the spring and summer.

Mold is another trigger in the fall. Mold not only grows in basements or damp bathrooms but outside. Damp piles of leaves are a breeding ground for mold.

And dust mites are another allergen in the fall, especially as the temperatures start to fall and we turn on the heat for the first time.

Don’t Suffer from Seasonal Allergies

I think some people just suffer needlessly because they may only experience allergies during one or two seasons a year. But seriously, you shouldn’t suffer even one month from seasonal allergies. As I mentioned above, Premier Allergy & Asthma can bring you allergy relief.