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All through my youth and into my late twenties, I had 20/10 vision. Seriously, great vision. In my thirties, I noticed a change in my vision. It was ever-so-slight… but a change for sure.

Then almost immediately upon turning forty, my eyesight took a downward spiral. And kept getting worse with each passing year. I’ve just been buying reading glasses from a local pharmacy, since I only wear them to read and work on my computer. Okay, that’s a lot.

But I recently discovered, and love that I can get designer eyeglasses at a fraction of the price. So, I’ve decided to finally make an appointment with an optometrist.

You can search eyeglasses by designer, by frame color, shape, etc., and they have a HUGE selection to choose from. Once I get my presciption, I can order me a pair (or two) of eyeglasses from I’m leaning towards these…. eyeglasses eyeglasses eyeglasses

My husband (who has worn glasses since he was eight) wants a pair of progressive lenses. He has his “eyes” on this pair of Christian Dior Glasses…. eyeglasses

I really love that they have free shipping on top of their low prices. They have a huge selection of designer glasses and contact lenses for the entire family. I’m also lovin’ the convenience of ordering eyeglasses online. If you know me, you know that I order a lot online. So being able to take my time and browse for the perfect eyeglasses, and not have to wait for a week or longer for the frames I chose to come in.

At, I save not only money but time. I don’t know about you, but my days are busy, so being able to save me an extra trip to pick up my eyeglasses is definitely a plus.

I highly recommend you check out for all your family eyeglasses and contact lens needs. I think you will be happy you did. I know a lot of people must agree with me since is the first and only optical retailer to pass 1M Facebook fans (2nd place has about 260k fans). Wow!

Have you ordered eyeglasses online before? What was your experience?

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  1. Hubs is overdue for a new pair of glasses. Thanks!

  2. I have ordered online before, and my glasses seemed to be just like what I would get from a stand alone store. We just ordered new glasses and contacts for our family last week, even with insurance…ouch! It gets pricey when you have to buy them for three people!

  3. I’ve ordered contacts but not glasses before. I didn’t know about this company and probably will place an order. I need a backup pair in case the daily pair breaks. Thanks!

  4. nice frames – and I really need a new pair. Must get my eyes re-examined soon 😛 I like they have free shipping.

  5. I really need to check them out their prices are so much lower then what ive been paying for my eyeglass frames

  6. I haven’t yet but I am thinking of ordering from Coastal.

  7. I’ve never ordered glassed online before but I will check out Coastal. They seem to have a cool collection! Thanks!

  8. I have never ordered them online. Fortunately I don’t wear glasses.

  9. Thanks for sharing – I’m about to get glasses for the first time in nearly 20 years (although I grew up with glasses and feel like I’ve always worn them).

  10. I think my eyesight is getting worse! I need to schedule an exam and check out this site to pick up an updated pair.

  11. I love a lot of their frames. Definitely going to look into them when I need a new pair of glasses.

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