‘Citizen Jane’ Premieres on Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel Original movie Citizen Jane is the much anticipated move based on the true life story of Jane Alexander.  The real life Citizen Jane, co-founded Citizens Against Homicide in 1991 with Jan Miller, a non-profit, public benefits organization serving families and friends of homicide victims.

The movie that depicts her story, stars Ally Sheedy from the 80s Brat Pack movies.  From hallmarkchannel.com,

Jane Alexander (Ally Sheedy) has it all: a wonderful family, personal and financial success and a deep romance with Tom O’Donnell (Sean Patrick Flanery). A family friend for 25 years prior to their romance, Tom helped Jane cope with the death of her husband, and captivated her with his charming, unflappable personality.

But Jane’s picturesque life comes crashing down around her the morning she receives the news that her beloved aunt has been murdered. Slowly, astonishingly, the evidence points to the last person Jane would ever believe capable of such an act: Tom. As she starts to comprehend the unfathomable, the depth of his deceit grows when he flees with tens of thousands of dollars of her money. With few clues to Tom’s location and with moral support from her dear friend, Evelyn (Nia Peeples), Jane sets out to bring her aunt’s killer to justice.

I love movies (especially Hallmark movies) that depict real life people that turned tragedies into triumphs.  People who made a difference.  Jane Alexander is one of those people.  Citizens Against Homicide helps victims deal with the subsequent trial, sentencing and parole hearing. 

Citizen Jane tells how Alexander fought for justice and pays tribute to this amazing woman.  Along with Ally Sheedy, Citizen Jane also stars Meatloaf Aday – more notable as a singer by many (I loved his album Bat out of Hell),  Sean Patrick Flanery – who I didn’t recognize from the starring role in Powder and Nia Peeples – who I first remembered from Fame.

I’m looking forward to curling up with my popcorn and watching Citizen Jane tonight, September 12, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. EST on the Hallmark Channel.  Hope you’ll join me!