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I have a horrible memory. Really. Just horrible. I call it “mommy brain”.  I make myself post it notes and leave them everywhere. I put things in Reminders on my iPhone, iPad, and my laptop. As well as adding “to do’s” in my calendar.

And sometimes… I still forget things.

One thing I always seem to forget is to take my vitamin. You would think as long as I have been taking them, I’d remember it. I can tell you what I wore a year ago to a certain event, but cannot for the life of me remember my vitamin.

When I heard about Care4Today, I was like, “Yes, finally a way to remind myself to take my vitamin!” Not to mention other medications my husband, my son, or I need to take. Care4Today has reminders you can set for each family member and what medications (or vitamins) need to be taken when. You’ll get alerts if doses are missed. Ahem… I think they did this for me.

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Now that fall is here, I’m suffering from allergies. It’s nice to remember to take my allergy medicine at the same time every day, thanks to Care4Today Mobile Health Manager!

You can also add up to 15 family members. I am talking to my Mom about this tomorrow. See, I came by my poor memory honestly. If possible, she is worse than me. And my step-dad is worse than her. She gets out his pills for him and makes sure he takes them. Trouble is, she usually forgets. So more often than not, they take the medicine they are suppose to take first thing in the mornings, much later in the days.

I’m sure on occasion she forgets altogether.

I also love that Care4Today allows you to share reports with health care managers. This is great for my Mom who sometimes forgets to take her blood pressure medication.

You can try the Care4Today app out yourself, downloading it FREE on the app store, Google Play Store, and/or directly on the Care4Today website.

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Do you forget to take medicines or vitamins?

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    1. Author

      Yep. I know senior citizens take a lot of medications so it would be a huge help for them. The adult children of senior citizens can use it to help manage their parent’s (like mine) medications. 🙂

  1. I forget to take my medication all the time. Even the daily pill container does not work for me, lol. An app like this makes a lot of sense. These days we are so connected and would work as a great reminder. I am going to download it because I could get a lot of use out of it!

  2. What a great idea. I’m always bad at remembering medication but for a person that can live or die without it this would be great.

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