Can iPads and other tablets take the place of teachers?

We recently had an open meeting at my son’s elementary school with our county’s superintendent… and many of the 4th and 5th graders wanted to know when each of the students would have their own iPads.

I don’t think the kids even thought about the iPads (or any tablet, for that matter) taking the place of their teachers. They were thinking of the iPads replacing their text books. So they wouldn’t have to pack around heavy backpacks anymore.

When I saw this infographic that was my first thought…. that our kids never even thought of tablets replacing their teachers. But now I wonder.

Honestly, I wonder about schools in general. At least public schools. I know personally many families that homeschool or do co-ops (which we will be doing with our son once he is finished with elementary school). Add in modern day technology — well, who knows.

I sometimes wonder if the biggest reason most families send their children to school is for babysitting purposes. In many families both parents work, so they can’t homeschool.

What do you think? Can iPads and other tablets take the place of teachers?

Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers?


  1. Wow that’s crazy! I think all children need teachers but can use tablets as a tool.

  2. 100% NO, no electronic device can take the place of a human being. Now I know that I personally have learned a lot from the net. But the basics, the beginning, the relationships those are done with people.

    My daughter enjoys school because of her teacher, no IPad could do that.

  3. We use apps a lot with my daughter. Many autistic children seem to make more progress when they have easy access to an iPad or other tablet. Some guidance is still needed of course. I think that while they can’t replace teachers, they can certainly make it feasible for a teacher to help more students, in areas where teachers are in short supply.

  4. I don’t think anything can replace a live person. Electronics are great but just can’t take the place of a teacher.

  5. NO WAY! They are a great learning tool but not a replacement.

  6. I would hope not. I don’t send my kids to school for babysitting…I send them for learning, socialization, discipline and experiences and you can only get learning from the tablet.

  7. Wow! I am with the others… I use apps as supplementation for our lessons.. but not as the actual teacher. yikes.

  8. I don’t think they can replace teachers but they can definitely come in handy for students.

  9. I definitely do not think so. As much as a couple of my daughter’s teachers have pissed me off I would never think that an iPad could replace them. Kids need real life people teaching them

  10. I think they can work together but you can’t take the teacher out of the mix!

  11. I don’t think that tablets can replace the job that teachers do completely.

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