Can Coupon Collecting Be Educational, Besides Just Saving Money?

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We all know the drill, coupon collecting equals big money saving opportunities. If time allows, collecting can reap benefits far and wide in all manner of sectors, from discount grocery shopping to multi bulk buy deals and even holiday packages, the rewards are obvious. Some people get so dedicated to the cause that they spend hours searching for coupons in order to get most or all of their daily essentials for free. But could there be more to coupon collecting than meets the eye? Here are some examples when coupon collecting could lead to rewards in other areas too.

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Discover a New Love

Many collectors new to the coupon game might simply scour for bargains close to home; deals on products they already purchase, discount on restaurants they already attend, but perhaps it’s time to think outside the box here, search papers, magazines and online sites for the unusual, the places you wouldn’t normally go to, perhaps you’ll discover a discounted dance class that you inevitably end up loving, or a new restaurant which tickles your taste buds, coupon collecting is as much about discovery as it is saving money.

Make Friends

This one may sound a little bizarre, who wants to befriend a coupon hoarder you might ask, and why would I give away my tips on world coupon domination to somebody else? The answers simple, initially befriending other coupon searchers may bring new knowledge about locations and deals that you may never have thought about before, but as time as a coupon collector progresses, it may become a comfort to stumble upon a popular blog or social network where others share their tips, stories and advice, there’s never been a friendlier time to become a saver.

Get Educated

Whilst browsing the web for coupons note that many also offer free recipe cards as a side line to the coupons, this is a great way to refresh your kitchen skills without having to buy a recipe book and can be a fun alternative to meals out with friends. Coupon collecting is also a great way to get organized with your finances in general, as most coupons expire on certain dates and apply to certain goods, you may want to create a diary or organizer so that finding coupons when you need them is easier.

Still on the education front, a new trend is emerging amongst the blogger networks for ‘coupon classes’ where self-confessed ‘coupon experts’ share tips and techniques on getting the best from your new hobby. Not only are these classes fantastic for socializing and money saving optimization, but they also teach some excellent general organizational skills too.

What Now?

The great thing about coupons is that they are seemingly everywhere these days. Gone are the days of buying every newspaper around for the weekly collection, now there are forums, social networks and coupon sites themselves rolling out the offers daily, so get creative with coupon searching and start seeing a return which will not only benefit your wallet, but your lifestyle too.

Author Bio | Amie is passionate about saving money.  She writes for sites likes specialists in finding and comparing fixed rate bonds, instant access savings accounts and other high interest savings accounts.  


  1. It’s good for math skills if nothing else.

  2. Every little bit of education helps! 🙂

  3. i think so because when you use the coupons you have to read them(reading)at the store you use math to figure out the price(math)

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