Budget Friendly $10 Tuesday Pizza at Papa Murphy’s

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We are huge pizza lovers in my home. I enjoy making fresh homemade pizza, but being the busy mom I am, it’s not always easy to find the time to make them. It doesn’t always fit into a family’s budgets eating out all the time, either.  Thanks to brands like today’s sponsor, Papa Murphy’s, for giving moms like me homemade pizzas at bargain prices that fit any family’s budget. Although I was compensated for this review of Papa Murphy’s, all opinions and statements remain 100% my own. #DealsAt425 #Ad

Get $10 Tuesday pizza from Papa Murphy's on a budget

My son is on summer break, which should mean I have more time, but it’s just not so. It also means that we tend to eat out, or get takeout, more often. We just like eating out more in the summer. Or when I do cook at home during the summer months, it’s usually grilling out or making things that are quick and easy. 

Whether I’m busy or not, there’s too much fun to be had in the summer to be stuck in the kitchen cooking.

However, eating out can get costly, so I look for budget friendly deals. One of my favorites is Papa Murphy’s. They have great deals all the time, but I especially love their $10 Tuesday pizza deals.

Get $10 Tuesday pizza from Papa Murphy's on a budget

Those that know my husband and son know that pizza is their favorite food.

Seriously, they could eat Papa Murphy’s, Every. Single. Day.

See how Papa Murphy’s saves me time and how Papa Murphy’s only use chicken raised without antibiotics.

Get $10 Tuesday pizza from Papa Murphy's on a budget
Pick up a Take and Bake fresh Papa Murphy’s pizza, pop it in your oven for a hot pizza served to your family.

$10 Tuesday Pizza

Another reason I’m thankful for the Papa Murphy’s deals like $10 Tuesday. Most of the time we opt for the $12 family size for my guys. You get a lot for the extra $2.

Last Tuesday we ordered a family size chicken bacon artichoke pizza and 2 large pepperoni pizzas. Since they were one-topping pizzas, they were only $5 a piece, so for $22 we got 3 pizzas. That was dinner for Tuesday, and lunch and dinner on Wednesday. Since my son had a couple of friends over, it worked out great. That’s 3 meals for that price.

$10 Tuesday pizza from Papa Murphy's budget friendly deals
My son enjoyed his Papa Murphy’s lunch the next day!

Many Tuesdays we add cookie dough, a salad, or another side, and for less than $20, you have a great meal for your family. You can easily fit Papa Murphy’s into your budget.

What a bargain!

Get $10 Tuesday pizza from Papa Murphy's on a budget
I added fresh watermelon as a side to go with our Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza from Papa Murphy’s on $10 Tuesday pizza deal.

We’ve tried many different pizzas at Papa Murphy’s, and the Chicken Bacon Artichoke is by far our favorite. The combination of flavors compliments each other perfectly. Sitting around the family dinner table enjoy good pizza and good onversation is one of our most cherished things to do.

Tuesday is one of favorite days of the week, thanks to Papa Murphy’s.

I love their extensive menu. You can customize any pizza selection on their menu, or “Create Your Own” from scratch.

Did you know that Papa Murphy’s is the world’s largest fresh take ‘n bake pizza brand? I know that Papa Murphy’s does pizza I can feel good about serving to my family.


Budget Friendly Pizza

Every Tuesday, you can enjoy any large menu pizza or create your own up to 5 toppings, for only $10. You can take advantage of this deal both online and in-store.

For even more deals and coupons, Papa Murphy’s has a great email and text club: http://bit.ly/2rzILZc

The text is my reminder to either stop by Papa Murphy’s or have my husband stop by on his way home from work. He usually stops by, and I have the oven preheated by the time he gets home with the pizza(s). So in 15 minutes or less, pizza is on the table.

$10 Tuesday pizza from Papa Murphy's budget friendly deals

Learn more about the Papa Murphy’s story here: http://bit.ly/216bVZ

Today’s Tuesday, can you guess what we will be having for dinner?