Have You Become Noseblind to the Smells in Your Home? Febreze #Noseblind #ad

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#Noseblind test with Febreze

I think we all are familiar with the term colorblind, but how many of you are aware of the term “Noseblind”? I wasn’t. It’s funny really, because I’m not colorblind, but not what it is, yet, I AM noseblind, but wasn’t aware of the term.

Whether or not you’re aware of the terminology, there’s a good chance you may be noseblind. Learn more at Noseblind.com.

I am.

Make that… was. I’m not noseblind any longer. With the help of my s-i-l, who came over last night for a movie night and to take part (as my guinea pig) in a #noseblind test with me.

I cleaned house all day before she came over for a girl’s movie night. And then I made pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce before she arrived. So all I could smell was my sauce… spices, herbs (mainly basil), and garlic.

We dined on my spaghetti and salads, and then I asked her to take a noseblind survey for me and not tell me how she answered. I did ask her to be completely honest. I then took the online survey.

Okay, movie time, but first I had to pop popcorn… what’s a movie without popcorn?

After I popped the popcorn and put them in some popcorn bags, I asked my s-i-l to take another noseblind survey, which I took after she took it.

#Noseblind test with Febreze

Finally movie time. I was going to find something on Netflix, but she saw that Law Abiding Citizen was on and had not seen it before, and wanted to watch it — besides, I’m not turning down a movie with Gerard Butler in it. Just saying.

She loved the movie, and since it’s been awhile since I saw it, I really enjoyed seeing it again.

I had another survey for her and I to take. Once again I asked her not to share her answers with me and to be honest.

Last week I received a Febreze gift package that included several Febreze products, as well as two envelopes — one that said, “Open Me” (which included my directions for the #noseblind test and links to the surveys we completed) and another envelope that said, “Open Me Only After You’ve Completed The Test”.

I opened it to find there was one more survey. The last survey; my s-i-l is such a trooper.

We took the final survey and then we were allowed to discuss the surveys and the Noseblind Assessment.

It seems that my spaghetti sauce was overpowering, especially the garlic. It was the predominant odor in my home when my s-i-l arrived.

After I popped the popcorn, it became the predominant odor in my home.

Noseblindness is…

The human olfactory system evolved to help the brain categorize and prioritize different chemical signals from receptors in our nose. Thousands of years ago, the olfactory system was used to identify life-threatening dangers, such as wild animal predators or poisonous plants. Due to human modernization, the olfactory system now has another role — dealing with signal overload — so that it can still be capable of executing its primary role — identifying dangerous situations to enable survival. The olfactory system can be overloaded by “distractions.” It adapts by categorizing and identifying smells that are familar so it can focus on less familiar smells that require an action.

Simply put… Noseblindness is where you become accustomed to odors around you over time. I’m in my home a lot, so I get used to the smell of our puppy, the foods I cook, the cleaners I use, etc. So I don’t “smell” them. Or at least I don’t notice them.

However, when someone visits, they can smell all these things after entering my home. Sigh.

#Noseblind test with Febreze

#Noseblind test with Febreze

Now it was time for me to use my Febreze products and let my s-i-l take the final feedback on the results.

The results of my #Noseblind test was that I am used to the smells in my home and that Febreze didn’t mask the odors, but eliminated them… leaving my home smelling clean and fresh.

#Noseblind test with Febreze

I have some great news! Febreze is giving one of my readers a Febreze prize pack (just like I received + a $60 Amex gift card!

  • 1 Febreze Air Effects
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  • 1 Febreze Candle

Open to U.S. residents only 18+ older. Giveaway ends 8/4 at 11:59 pm EST. Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Congrats to David F. on winning the prize pack!!!

Have you become Noseblind to the smells in your home?



  1. i would want to eliminate carpets odors

    1. I also would remove carpet odors!

  2. The dog and cat odors is what I need to get rid of in my home.

  3. I have 3 kids, 1 messy husband, 2 dogs one that is still a puppy with occasional accidents and 2 turtles that stink! I try everything to keep my home smelling nice and I sometimes think it does, but family tell me otherwise!

  4. Body Odors on our livingroom furniture!! Yuck!

  5. Smoke

  6. I would love to get rid of the smell of my daughter’s stinky tennis shoes! No matter what I do they smell up the entry way – ugh.

  7. I want to eliminate dog odors.

  8. Cooking odors is usually what bothers us the most. They seem to linger for days!

  9. Aloha Friend!
    I like my bathroom to smell fresh at all times, so it’s important to stay on top of it!

  10. Cat odors and stinky feet odors.

  11. I want to eliminate dog odors

  12. Odors from having 3 house dogs.

  13. Kids sneaker and cleat odors.

  14. I need to eliminate dog odors.

  15. All that healthy cooking – broccoli, cauliflower yummy to eat yuk to smell!

  16. I just got done fogging my house. I would love to eliminate all the chemical odors left in my house.

  17. My three furbabies….love them but they can stink!

  18. pet smells

  19. I would love to eliminate the odor of the the three dogs.

  20. I would like to eliminate diaper change smells šŸ˜‰

  21. I would love to get rid of the odor of a bunch of teenagers. My kids have a game room in the basement and I don’t know what they do but a strange smell appears sometimes.

  22. I think we all become ‘noseblind’ to what is in our homes whether we want to admit it or not. Your dog is so adorable it’s hard to picture it creating to many bad smells. Life in general can get smelly when you have kids and a man in the house.

  23. We have two kitties. And in our small space whatever I cook for dinner is probably still around the next day.

  24. I want to eliminate dog smell.

  25. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats – all rescues, and as with any animals, they do tend to leave their own, special “scent” in the air and in the fabrics, etc. in our home. Oh, and of course, two litter boxes. I think that’s ’nuff said. LOL!

  26. Litter box and bathroom odors!

  27. My kids own 2 cats so it is the odor of the litter box I want to eliminate

  28. I’d like to eliminate the pet odors.

  29. Mostly my pet areas – the dog’s area where he sleeps in between washing his blankets, and the cat boxes!

  30. I want to eliminate pet and food odors.

  31. I love using Febreze to eliminate the odors of two cats and a gassy dog. šŸ™‚

  32. I want to eliminate the dog odors in my home. I love my dog, bet he can be a pretty stinky guy.

  33. I want to get rid of kitchen food odors.

  34. i’d like to eliminate food odors

  35. I would like to eliminate pet and composting orders.

  36. Pet odors are a big issue for me.

  37. I want to eliminate the diaper pail odors and kitty cat smells.

  38. I want to eliminate food odors.

  39. Animal odors. I have five animals.

  40. Stinky socks waiting for me to launder

  41. smelly shoes and trash

  42. A dog and 3 cats. Need I say more?

  43. Cooking, trash and pet odors.

  44. We always keep some Febreeze handy in the house.

  45. Pet Odors for sure

  46. I would love to eliminate the pet odors left on my carpet and on my furniture.

  47. Poopy diapers!

  48. All dog odors!

  49. I would love to eliminate garbage odors

  50. We have two full grown dogs and a puppy. Oh, and two cats! Need I say more?! Help!

  51. I would like to eliminate smells that occur in the bathroom.

  52. I Would Like To Eliminate Pet Odors.

  53. With kids and pets an all over odour change to one scent would be wonderful.

  54. i would have to say im dog!

  55. I’m noseblind too. šŸ™

  56. I want to eliminate dog odor in my house!

  57. I have two cats and would like to eliminate odors associated with them.

  58. The smell of the boy’s room. He’s really gone noseblind. Unfortunately, no one else in the house has.

  59. The odor of my Grandsons football practice stuff.

  60. id like to eliminate dog smells.

  61. doggy smells….utrine boo boos

  62. dirty diaper odors

  63. I want to eliminate the smell of dog in my house. She is an indoor/outdoor dog and just smells horrible every time she comes in and I know others smell it too!

  64. I want to eliminate my dogs odors.

  65. diaper and garbage odors.

  66. I need to eliminate cooking odors in my home.

  67. I want to eliminate the odors of 2 big dogs and 2 smelly little boys.

  68. My main concern is any dog odor on the sofa.

  69. I would do away with cooking smells.

  70. I think we might be noseblind to our new kitten so we need help with that

  71. Definitely. We know this because every time we’re out for a while and come home, we crank up our purifier because of a stuffy smell šŸ˜›

  72. I want to eliminate cooking odors.

  73. I need help with the dog odor. Just the normal everyday been outside and now want to come inside and cool off odor. They smell.. even if its not raining.

  74. I love, love, love Febreeze! It’s all I use.

  75. I would like to get rid of the lingering cooking smells, especially when my boyfriend cooks fish!

  76. Dog odours..our little guy is 16 yrs old and well..he’s been having some accidents as of late!

  77. I would like to be rid of the greasy food smells.

  78. Dirty laundry smell! Yuck.

  79. Whenever I make fish, I can’t seem to get the smell out for days. I also would like to eliminate pet odors.

  80. I would like to eliminate the food smells after I cook at home, thank you!

  81. My daughter’s soccer bag. I never thought a girl’s room would smell like that!

  82. I’d like to eliminate the bathroom odors from my house full of boys and their stinky sporting gear!

  83. i would love to get rid of smell in my both boys bedrooms;-)

  84. Bathroom Odors.

  85. I want to eliminate the damp basement odor

  86. The burn smell that emitted from something burning in the dishwasher tonight. It was awful.

  87. dirty and wet diapers!

  88. It always smell like sauteed onions in our house. I don’t mind and my son claims it’s his favorite smell..but it isn’t for everyone…so that is what we are noseblind to

  89. I want to eliminate the odors of my two dogs.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  90. I want to eliminate dog odors!

  91. Pet odors and cooking related odors.

  92. Dog and baby odors.

  93. Oh I would love to eliminate the dog odors!

  94. I need to eliminate dog odors.

  95. I’d like to eliminate cooking and litter box odors!

  96. The smells from my 6 kitty cats! I also have a small boy that loves to make messes.

  97. I have 3 cats, I ned to eliminate their cat litter/waste smells.

  98. I would like to eliminate stinky cooking odors.

  99. I want to eliminate carpet odors.

  100. I would like to eliminate the pet odors in our home.

  101. I want to eliminate sports equipment odors

  102. The odor of my dog.

  103. Two cats and a teenagers room!! lol

  104. per odors!

    1. that is supposed to say pet odors!

  105. I’d like to eliminate my grandson’s smelly feet and my husband’s cigarette smoke.

  106. pet odors are my concern

  107. pet odors would be the one I’d like to rid this home of

  108. I would eliminate all the pet odors!

  109. Farts and stinky feet lol

  110. I would like to eliminate pet odors and cooking odors.

  111. My dog farts lol

  112. I would love to eliminate “sweaty son after football practice” odor!

  113. pet odors I have three dogs

  114. We had a very old dog. The dog is no longer with us, but her odors are.

  115. Love Fabreze!

  116. Food odor left over from dinner

  117. I’d love to eliminate musty smells, like in the basement, our basement is finished and has furniture,but it still gets that musty kind of smell. I would love products to tackle this!!

  118. Pet odors.

  119. Cigarette smoke & kitty odors! I would love to have them eliminated!

  120. My dog, I love him to pieces but he kinda stinks

  121. Ok, you know..stinky husbands

  122. I want to eliminate my cat and her litterbox odors.

  123. I would like to eliminate cooking odors.

  124. My doggy odor, love her to death, but my house smells like her!

  125. I love Febreze. I need to help with cat and dog odors.

  126. I really need to get rid of the cat box smell. Even I can smell it. Plus then whatever else I must not be able to smell!

  127. I would like to eliminate smoke odors in my home. Thanks

  128. Pet orders

  129. I want to eliminate doggie smells.

  130. The odor of my cats litterbox

  131. the locker room smell from my sons room

  132. stinky shoes by the front door, musty smell from basement, bathrooms

  133. I need to eliminate the horrible smells in our kitchen & basement entry. The smell of stinky shoes & cat smells hit when you walk in the door. NOT what I want! HELP!

  134. puppy odors

  135. my nieces underarms…lol….and catbox odors too šŸ™‚

  136. pet odors for sure!!

  137. We have a 14 year-old dog that kinda stinks up the house.

  138. I want to eliminate the smell of my husbands shoes in my entryway

  139. I want to eliminate fish smells.

  140. Pet orders and cooking that lingers

  141. Stinky baby diapers!

  142. i want to get rid of cat litter box smell.

  143. The pretty odors are the suppose ones to.try and get rid of

  144. Love the cat, hate the cat smell

  145. Wow. I think I need to take this nose blind test and I would hate to see what I would find out the smells in my home where. I know I would like to get rid of the dog smell I have from my dogs. This article really opened up my eyes and made me realize that we get so used to certain things that we dont think anything about it. Great Now I am going to be paranoid wondering if my house smell. LOL. Thanks for the Give Away

  146. cat litter box odor, trash odor and bathroom odor

  147. For starters the odor of dirty laundry ( family of 6 here) and secondly and perhaps more importantly the smell my toilet sometimes gives off. It is so annoying, but a few times a month, sometimes for a couple of days in a row non-stop, there is this slight sewage smell. Not like tons of raw feces (Eww right) but not too far off from what a port-a-potty is like. Just bad all around. I don’t want to be noseblind to it and have someone come over when its happening and think I live in sewage. I hope replacing the toilet this fall fixes it, but I have a feeling it is in the line, thank goodness it is only one and not both toilets though. I think Febreeze could be a nose-saver here.

  148. Dog, stinky work clothes, and football practice socks!!

  149. We have 2 dogs, teenage boys that play sports, and my husband has his own set of smells. I love Febreese products!

  150. The odor I’d like/love eliminated are definitely My nephews feet and his clothes. He works in a rice plant and he comes home smelling horrible from head to toe.

  151. Would like it to smell fresh all the time and eliminate any odors. Dog and smoke odors are the main ones.

  152. i would like to rid myself from my roommates bathroom odor.

  153. I’d like to eliminate the smell of my cats’ litter box.

  154. fish odor šŸ™‚

  155. I would like the cat odors to be gone

  156. I would love to get rid of the pet smells.

  157. I would love to get rid of cat odors.

  158. stinky trash odors!

  159. The litterbox smell, for sure!

  160. puppy smell lol.. puppys stink

  161. I want to eliminate the odor from my cats litter box and also from the kitchen.

  162. I have 3 children and their feet are so tiny and cute….and so stinky! Who knew?

  163. cat box and other yucky pet smells

  164. I want to eliminate the odors coming from our trash…especially the dirty diapers!

  165. I have 6 rats and they can get smelly!!

  166. pet odors from 3 dogs

  167. I have a husband and a 3 year old…..need I say more?? lol

  168. I want to eliminate the nasty moldydew smell in my basement

  169. The dog…his odor, I mean, and the trash.

  170. Smells from stinky tennis shoes. My daughter and I both hate wearing songs so our shoes always stink!

    1. socks not songs.

  171. the smell of my guinea pigs cage before cleaning!

  172. The dog smell!!

  173. My boyfriends feet

  174. I smell everything with my big nose! I could use extra air freshness, love Febreeze ā¤ļø

  175. It is definitely cat litter that seems up my house!

  176. I love my dog, but I don’t want my house to smell like him. It’s scary that I may be missing the odor of my home. Will someone come over & sniff my living room?

  177. i want to eliminate cat odors in my home.

  178. Pet odors!

  179. I would love to eliminate the cooked fish and pet odors.

  180. i want to eliminate cat odors

  181. I can’t lie…my own gas.

  182. cooking smells from bad smelling yet great tasting foods. lol

  183. stale carpet odor and kitchen odors

  184. I have 6 dogs. It doesn’t matter how clean dogs are, in the summer they all stink. I’d love not to smell them anymore! lol

  185. pet odors

  186. Baby poop smell from my living room!

  187. I have 2 cats

  188. I want to elminate pet and garbage pail odors

  189. Pet Odors because of my cat.

  190. No matter how clean it is my bathroom still produces odors that make me sad I would love to eliminate that smell from my house permanently!

  191. Smelly kitty litter

  192. Bathroom odors

  193. I have carpet & pet odors !

  194. I would eliminate kitty cat odors!

  195. Litter box odor!

  196. I have 4 cats, and 3 stinky litterboxes.

  197. Dog, cat, husband and kids smell

  198. Dirty Diapers

  199. i would love to eliminate doggy odor

  200. dirty laundry smell or something like that because I can’t keep up with everything sometimes and sometimes my house looks dirty!

  201. Animal Odors, Have a cat and dog inside.

  202. Kitty litter and little boy smells!

  203. Puppy b.o.

  204. Let’s just say I have 2 sons that are farmers! We have lots of funky smells going on here! LOL I sooo could use this! šŸ™‚

  205. My husbands work clothes.

  206. Diapers! My grandkids come over and they are in diapers so the trash can fills up fast. Even with cloth diapers there is an odor left behind. šŸ™

  207. The chicken nuggets I cook my son everyday!

  208. the dog! she reaks sometimes! and my sons shoes even when you wash them they still smell!

  209. Kids and dogs make up the smells in our house.

  210. Bathroom odors.

  211. Iā€™d like to eliminate odors from my 7 month old son when he poops lol

  212. Food, I love the way breakfast smells in the morning but not at noon!

  213. My puppy smell @Janabananaky

  214. I would love to eliminate odors in the bathroom, it doesnt matter how much I mop with bleach or pine sol there’s still this smell that I hate.

  215. My house has dog, cat, diaper, and my husbands nasty foot odor. Then my daughter cooks some of the tastiest, but smelliest things ever. I’m an avid Febreze user already. Thanks for this opportunity to make my house smell better.

  216. Dog odors & sweaty kid odors


  218. Pet and toddler odors would be nice!

  219. We have a musty basement and I hate it! We try to keep it dry, but it just won’t go away. I’m always using febreeze.

  220. I want to eliminate cooking odors.

  221. We have two large dogs, I’d love to be able to eliminate some of their odors – especially when they are wet!

  222. I want to eliminate my pets’ odors.

  223. I want to eliminate my pets’ odors.

  224. I would love to get rid of the dirty laundry smells.

  225. I would love to get rid of the dirty laundry smells.

  226. Stinky garbage and dirty laundry smells. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  227. I would love to eliminate the smell of my dogs when they come in out of the rain.


  228. Teenage boy odors…yucky

  229. Love to eliminate the smoke!

  230. Dirty diapers!!

  231. I would like to eliminate puppy & kitty smells!

  232. Pets of course. I have two dogs and love them but always shampooing carpet and use de breeze often.

  233. Dog odors!

  234. 4 cats and 1 dog leave their smells …..lol would like to eliminate the cat smell mostly

  235. The smell of our cats’ litter boxes definitely needs elimination.

  236. I want to eliminate couch odors and cooking odors.

  237. cooking smells and pet odor. Thanks for the chance to win.

  238. My home away from home (office) sure could use an smell elimination!

  239. Diaper odors!

  240. My dog and cat and bird odor I would like to get rid of.

  241. pet smells

  242. I want to eliminate the smell in the boys bathroom!

  243. The smell of boys coming into the classroom straight from gym class šŸ˜‰

  244. Nasty laundry room smells!

  245. Cooking odors are definitely an issue in our home. Funny that it isn’t really noticeable until you leave and then come back inside.

  246. I have always loved the smell of Febreze. šŸ™‚

  247. I often don’t smell the odors in my home, until I leave and walk back in again. I really like using scented oils and waxes in my home to keep it smelling nice for everyone who comes in to it.

  248. Let’s go Febreeze. Eliminate!

  249. I absolutely love the smell of Febreze!

  250. We have a new dog and all of a sudden the couch smells like dog!So here comes febreeze!

  251. I’m not sure if I’m the only one but when I get out of the shower I can instantly smell every bad odor around me. Like when the trash needs to be taken out. Eewww so nasty! šŸ™‚ Fabreze is great for that!

  252. this looked like it would work well

  253. i love frebeeze it does help with others

  254. I need these to cover up the smell of my dog.

  255. I love Febreeze products. I use them in my house and in my car. This is a great product. Thank you so much for sharing

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