Going Back to School with Kohl’s and Disney’s Jake and Sophia #MagicAtPlay #sponsored #MC

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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time for many kids across the U.S. are getting ready to go back to school. Sigh. I know, the summer has flown by for me, too.

You may not be ready for back to school, yet… at least Kohl’s is helping us out. The new Jumping Beans Jake and Sofia Magic at Play clothing line, exclusive to Kohl’s, is now online. The line will be available in-stores starting July 28th.

Check out a preview of the Jumping Beans Jake and Sofia Magic at Play line:

Disney's Jumping Bean Jake and Sophia at Kohl's #MagicAtPlay

Disney's Jumping Bean Jake and Sophia at Kohl's #MagicAtPlayDisney's Jumping Bean Jake and Sophia at Kohl's #MagicAtPlay
What boy doesn’t love pirates… especially Jake.
Disney's Jumping Bean Jake and Sophia at Kohl's #MagicAtPlay

This beautiful dress will make any little girl feel like a princess.

This is just a sampling of the collection, be sure to check out Kohls.com to find the above items and more and get an early start on your back to school shopping. Or go to your local Kohl’s on July 28th to shop this cute Jumping Beans Jake and Sofia Magic at Play line for yourself.

Have you started your back to school shopping yet?


  1. Love their new line, so adorable. That purple dress is just precious.

  2. What a fun line of kid clothes!!! I know my niece would love that dress!

  3. I love Kohl’s and these clothes are too cute. Thank you for your review.

  4. The summer went by so quickly, yikes school is just around the corner!

  5. We just went to Kohls and picked up some Planes 2 shirts for school. My son loves Disney!

  6. Those are too cute! My kids all loved character clothing when they were younger. We are sadly almost out of that phase, but luckily there’s still so much at Kohl’s that they love to wear.

  7. These are adorable I love the purple dress and think many little girls would think it is cute.

  8. Unfortunately, I haven’t even started back to school shopping yet but we’ll be going in a few short weeks. And I’m seriously thinking of purchasing their clothes here, versus the mall.

  9. Cute clothes that my kids would love to wear! This could actually get them excited about school starting again…

  10. My Godson loves Jake the Pirate and he’ll be starting off in a school program in September. I’ll have to stop at kohl’s this weekend and pick him up some stuff. It’ll be a great conversation starter to break the ice with some of his friends. PLUS I think I have a coupon YAY

  11. Such a cute collection!! Love all these pieces!

  12. I love shopping at Kohl’s and these Disney items are just so sweet. We are almost finished with all of our back to school shopping, but the kids being in uniforms makes it very easy.

  13. We started this week so our shopping is done. We found some great things at Kohls.

  14. We’re almost done the dorm room shopping for our daughter for her first year at college, just picking up some things today yet. We drop her off in less than 3 weeks!

  15. That sparkling dress is just the cutest. Kids are going to go crazy over this line.

  16. This is a great line from Disney. My grandkids would love these outfits.

  17. Did back to school shopping at kohls last weekend and saved A TON OF MONEY. Didn’t pay full price for anything. Discounts galore is why I love Kohls. Thanks for the post!

  18. Kohls is great to shop at,especially the sales.

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