Banana Pudding Cake Recipe

Banana Pudding Recipe via Blog by Donna

I have an aversion to bananas. Ever since I had to eat several pounds of bananas in one morning to get the scales to go tip 105 pounds when I only weighed 94 pounds. It was crazy and a story for another day.

Even though I do not love bananas, I do love things with bananas as an ingredient… like banana nut bread, banana pudding, banana cream pie. You get the picture.

I love this banana pudding cake recipe, it’s so moist, delicious, and easy! My kind of recipe. Try it out for yourself, I bet you’ll love it… even if you have an aversion to bananas.


Banana Pudding Cake


  • Your favorite yellow cake mix or recipe
  • One 4 oz box of instant banana cream pudding
  • Cool whip or whipped cream (if desired)

nna https://blogbydonna.comDirections:

  • Preheat oven to 350 Degrees
  • Mix and bake your yellow cake as directed on the box
  • Baking should take about 20 minutes
  • Allow your cake to cool
  • Using a straw, Poke holes in your already baked cake everywhere
  • Mix up your banana cream pudding
  • Spoon your pudding over your cake
  • Allow to sit for a few minutes, the pudding will then seep down into the holes that you poked into your cake
  • You can choose to top your cake with more pudding after it all seeps through
  • Top with cool whip or whipped cream if desired!
  • Serve & enjoy!

nna https://blogbydonna.comI said it was EASY! If you want a quick, delicious banana dessert this banana pudding cake recipe will do the trick.

Do you have a favorite recipe using bananas?


  1. I like the FLAVOR of banana pudding – but can’t get past the consistency! I bet this would fix that!

  2. I’ve only really made banana bread before at home. But on the Disney cruise ship they used to serve a banana french toast bread pudding that was to die for, not sure if they still offer that as a dessert or not.

  3. That looks really good. I’m big on texture and I don’t like the texture of an actual banana, so I like recipes that taste like banana. I’ll have to give this a shot.

  4. I love banana pudding – I bet this tastes incredible!

  5. ohhhh yummy! I love poke cakes especially with pudding instead of gelatin.

  6. Im not a big fan of poke cake but this looks really great~!

  7. I love bananas and this recipe is easy and I like that! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Happy Monday hon!

  8. This looks good. I wish I liked banana other than a banana itself. lol Does not make sense? My son would really enjoy this recipe. Giving it a pin.

  9. I really love banana frosted cake but have never had a poke cake with banana. It sounds absolutely heavenly. And now I’m curious about your banana eating story, lol. That’s a lot of weight to have to put on!

  10. I just finished dinner, and now I want this. YUM

  11. Yesterday I made the equivalent of 8 banana bread loaves but made it into 4 – 12 count muffins pans and 4 sheet cakes. 16 bananas later and only a couple pans left to show I made it all……yesterday and today’s breakfast and a little in the freezer

    This cake looks yummy.

  12. How about adding fresh bananas and crushed nila wafers to the top to give it an even more banana pudding flavor.

  13. I love my banana flavored recipes!! I have never heard of a pudding cake quite like this. Sounds tasty and looks delicious! Adding to the list to make!!

  14. My husband loves banana pudding and banana cake. This would be perfect to make him for his birthday coming up!

  15. Your Banana Pudding Cake looks so delicious and moist. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

  16. One of my good friends used to make the most killer banana pudding. It’s been ages since I’ve had any, and she lives in another city now, so I can’t ask her to whip up a batch. This looks like an amazingly delicious way to rekindle that memory!

  17. I make something similar to this and my family loves it! I’ll definitely have to try the banana pudding version as I bet it taste amazing.

  18. YUM! This sounds delish. I need to try my hand at it, my husband would love it.

  19. This looks so good. I bet the pudding inside makes it super moist too.

  20. Oh my goodness! This sounds awesome! So easy too!

  21. I like the idea of a banana cake.

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