American Idol Top 9 – From Best to Worst

Last night on American Idol the top nine got to choose any song they wanted as long as it was a most popular download on iTunes right now.  The nine went to the studio where the American top 40 is broadcast. 

So I was expecting a lot more contemporary songs, and it really wasn’t the case.  The most important thing to me is if they can take a song and make it their own.  And with that being said, here are my favorites – from the best to the worst:

1.  Adam Lambert – performed Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music.  I remember this song… loved to dance to it back in the day.  What I love so much about Adam is how he makes every song his.  He owns it.  And I think he has a phenomenonal voice!  Simon says Adam’s performance is original and at least it was karaoke.  All the judges loved him.  Kara says, "can’t wait to see what you do next… and that’s a big compliment."  And Adam gives the band their props – which makes me love him even more.

2.  Kris Allen – sang Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers.  Kris forgoes the guitar for the keyboard.  I am more and more impressed with Kris each week.  He did a nice soulful version of the song.  Randy tells him it was one of the best performances of the night… Kara says, "that is artistry!"  Simon tells Kris it is his best performance to date and was very creative.  I do think he made the song his own.

3.  Danny Gokey – performed What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts.  First off, I love this song!  Okay, now for how I think Danny did – he wasn’t no Rascal Flatts but this is a hard song to sing and he did a great job.  He was definitely the best of the night so far (he sang before Adam and Kris).  The applause showed how much Danny is loved.  He has a great fan base.  And I can honestly say that if I was choosing on personality and sweetness alone – Danny would be the next Idol winner.  Although I think he is a good singer I just don’t think he is the best.  The judges love him as usual. 

4.  Allison Iraheta -sang Don’t Speak by No Doubt.  I really think Allison and Danny tied for 3rd place last night, but because of that lovability factor I nudged him ahead of Allison.  She played the guitar for the first time on American Idol; I didn’t know she played so that was impressive.  Love when women can play an instrument and sing too.  Allison has just an amazing voice and did a wonderful job.  Randy says "I got mad love for you but… what are you wearing".  He doesn’t like her outfit.  Kara agreed with Randy about her clothing.  Simon says tonight’s theme was "Halloween".  I couldn’t have disagreed with more on Simon’s critique of Allison.  In my opinion, she solidly "rocked".  And since when did it become a fashion contest?  I thought it was singing competition.

5.  Lil Rounds – performed I Surrender by Celine Dion.  I didn’t necessarily like this song for Lil.  But she has a strong and beautiful voice and I liked her.  The consensus of the judges was that they didn’t want to see an adult contemporary Lil, but a more young and fresh Lil.  Simon said she chose a safe song to try and stay in the competition.  I think there might be some truth to that statement.  By far the most touching moment of the night came when Ryan talked to Lil’s daughters.  Her youngest daughter went over and hugged Randy Jackson and to see Lil tear up… it was moving.

6.  Scott MacIntyre – performed Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel.  Scott is a good piano player and a decent singer and I think this was his best performance by far.  I find Scott to be a boring singer and the way he started the song… well, let’s say he ended the song much better than he started.  Simon agree with me and said it was his "best performance by a country mile".

7.  Anoop Desai– sang Caught Up by Usher.  Not as impressed by him tonight as I was of his last two performances.  Simon said "it actually gave me a headache".  Anoop wasn’t happy with Kara’s feedback.  He said it was just their (the judges’) opinion.  Anoop said, "I’m trying to be an R&B artist".  Compared to the other contestants he was mediocre to say the least.

8.  Matt Giraud– sang You Found Me by The Fray. He was the only contestant to sing a more contemporary song.  Love the song but Matt didn’t do it justice, in my opinion.  It was like he just never quite hit the right note.  Simon says "you’re becoming different things" to try to stay in the competition.  Randy tells him he "just isn’t The Fray".  They complain that he keeps going back and forth between the "rock side of pop" and the  "R&B side of rock."

9.  Megan Joy – performed Bob Marley’s Turn Your Lights Down Low.  I’ve been a big fan of Megan because I think she has a unique sound… but her sound is getting a bit old because she sounds the same no matter what she sings.  Kara even said her "voice was starting to get irritating".  I hate to admit it – but that is exactly how I felt as well.  Simon says it was so boring and Randy said "it was like watching paint dry"… Ouch!  I do believe she is still on because she is getting votes because of her looks. 

So I think Matt and Megan will be in the bottom three and who knows who the viewers will "not" vote for.  We shall see tonight.  I do want to say once again that American Idol should be a singing competition – not a popularity contest, a fashion show or a beauty pageant.  I know that all these things do play a part but when it comes down to it… it should be all about the voice.

Watch American Idol tonight at 9:00 pm EST on Fox to see how right or wrong I am.  Do you agree with me?  Who was your favorite or least favorite? 

All nine videos I uploaded from YouTube seemed to be removed for copyright issues.  So I added new ones and unfortunately some of them are audio with pics instead of the live performance from last night and even worse could not even find a video for some at all.  I have had issues with YouTube since last night; I think American Idol wants people to go to their site to watch any American Idol performances.  I do apologize.