American Idol Top 4 – Best to Worst

On Season 8 American Idol last night the final four performed my favorite genre – Classic Rock.  This week is rock week – yeah!   Slash from Guns & Roses was this week’s mentor.  The coolest mentor yet.

This week they each performed as usual but they paired them up for duets – Kris and Danny and Allison and Adam.  More on this in a minute.  Now for my best to worst:

  • Adam Lambert – sang Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin.  I know I gush on about him every week but O.M.G.!  I said a few weeks back, that my hubby said he could imagine Adam singing Kashmir by Led Zeppelin… so I was not shocked in the least bit when Adam took on, what could… or would have been a disaster for anyone else, the rock legend, Led Zeppelin.  I loved, loved, loved it!  I think Robert Plant would be proud.  He gave a solid professional performance.  Kara called him a "Rock God" and tells him to do a 70s Classic rock album.  Which I hope he does, I would without a doubt buy it.  Simon said the only problem is "no one can top that now." 
  • Allison Iraheta – sang Cry Baby by Janice Joplin.  I really liked her.  She has that very mature, smokey, sexy voice (especially for a 17 year old).  I do think she could have picked a better song though.  Randy didn’t think it was her best.  Simon’s only criticism is that it was too much of a sound alike and not very original.  Now being compared to Janice Joplin is NOT a bad thing.
  • Danny Gokey sang Dream On by Aerosmith.  Slash says that it is vital for him to hit that scream.  I want to rave over Danny, I really do… but he did not make a good song choice.  That song was way too big for him.  He did a good job but Rock isn’t his genre.  And the final note/scream… well he sounded like he was screaming.  Randy and Kara both said he just didn’t do it for them.  Kara does say it wasn’t perfect but he took a chance and Rock and Roll is about being bold and going with it.  Paula agrees it wasn’t the best song choice.  Simon said the last note "was like listening to a horror movie."
  • Kris Allen sang Come Together by the Beatles.  I thought he did good.  Not great but good.  But Kris is just so cute! Simon said it "was like eating ice for lunch" left you with nothing. I do have to agree with Simon.  It didn’t wow me. 

I will say that Kris will be the one to go home tonight. 

Earlier I mentioned that they did duets last night.  I also want to say that I love every song that was sung last night – for both solos and duets.

Up first was Kris Allen and Danny Gokey:

  • Kris and Danny sang Renegade by Styx.  The did a great job with the harmony.  I think they were definitely better together than individually.  I personally think that Danny did a little better than Kris.  Simon said Danny was better than Kris. I really did enjoy them as a duet, though.

And then there was Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert:

  • They sang Slow Ride by Foghat.  OMG, how totally rockin’ were they?!  Allison was not intimidated by Adam.  Adam did not carry Allison.  They both solid rocked it out.  I would go to an Adam and Allison concert in a heartbeat.  Kara tells them that they should definitely do a duet on their first album and calls them the "Rock Goddess" and "Rock God". 

Between their solos and their duets it is clear who the two best singers are, in my honest opinion.  I know Adam should be in the final two and think it will be a toss up between Allison and Danny.  Danny does have a cult following.  I love Danny too so I’ll not be disappointed with either one of the two (Allison or Danny) as the runner-up.

It definitely was Adam and Allison’s night.

Watch Season 8 American Idol on Fox at 9:00 pm EST tonight to see if I am right or wrong.  And with "Rock" as the theme – I expect it to be a great result show.


  1. This is the exact order in which I called it about a month ago. I’d be surprised if it turned out any other way at this point. I’m sure they would too.

  2. @Steven, you are a very intuitive guy! I will be shocked if it turns out any other way too. However, Kris is cute and has a lot of young girls as fans.

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