American Idol… and then there were 3

The Season 8 American Idol final four sang Schools Out by Alice Cooper, while accompanied by Slash of Guns & Roses.  Ryan tried to get Slash to take off his sunglasses to no avail. 

American Idol judge Paula Abdul sings her new single, I’m Just Here for the Music.  I would not be surprised if she didn’t lip sync.  For one thing they never really showed a close up while she was singing and when the camera briefly on her… well her hair stayed in her face.  She danced and of course she is a good dancer but the song reminded me of early 90s Paula Abdul – that’s not necessarily bad but she hasn’t grown as a singer.

Earlier today I heard that Paula finally admitted to a twelve year prescription drug addiction.  I’m glad she came clean.  I mean everyone already knew this, she didn’t have anyone fooled.  But I am glad she got help.  Good luck to you Paula. 

Next up is No Doubt singing I’m Just A Girl.  I love No Doubt and she rocked it for "the girls".  They don’t have a new album to promote since she had kids and is doing the mommy thing.  They are starting a tour next week and plan on working on a new album during the tour. 

Now to start the result show portion of the show.  Calls all four to the  stage.  And tells them this is in no particular order.  Starts with Allison and works his way through the four, recapping last nights judges comments.  Sends the first person that is safe, and going back home for a hometown hero visit, to the three chairs and it’s Kris.  Well there goes my prediction.  I really thought it would be Kris to go home.

I hate to see Danny go but hate to see Allison go even more.  And if it’s Adam I will just scream… that’s right SCREAM!

Daughtry sings their new song Surprise.  By the way, Chris was my favorite Idol contestant and was so disappointed when he lost.  But I am a big believer in things happen for a reason, and he says he always knew he wanted to be part of a band and not a solo artist… if he had won he wouldn’t have been able to be a part of a band.

The second person safe is Adam (good, I don’t have to scream) and the third is – Danny.

I’m not terribly surprised.  The females did not fare well in this year’s competition.  I really hate to see her go because she is such a talent.  Her encore performance of Cry Baby was even better tonight than last night – and she was great last night.  Allison has nothing to worry about though… she will have a singing career.

I’ll see you next Tuesday night when the final three American Idol contestants – Adam, Danny and Kris, sing two songs each.  One the judges choice and one their own.


  1. -Paula was lip syncing, but I figured she would.
    -I like some songs from No Doubt, but that sucked in my opinion.
    -Can’t believe America is retarded enough to keep Kris.
    -Based on level of talent, singing ability and creativity on the remaining 3…. Adam is a 9, Gokey is a 5.5 and Kris is a 4.
    -Daughtry has some great songs, but his new one sucks.
    -Slash is an alien. That’s why he can’t take off his sunglasses.

  2. @Steven, I know… Kris should definitely had been the one to go. But as I said he has this big cult following of young girls. I agree Daughtry was disappointing last night.

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