American Idol … and then there were 9

idol-logo1a The 10 contestants sang Motown as a group – I know there was some controversy about the contestants lip singing and honestly, I’m not sure if they did tonight or not because I could only hear it… I was getting my son out of the bath.  So you’ll need to tell me if they were lip singing or not. 

Before Ryan started announcing the bottom three, Ruben Studdard from Season 2 performed.  Ruben who was affectionately nicknamed the Velvet Teddy Bear sang as I remembered…  he is a sweetie, but I never thought he was a strong singer.

Ryan announces the bottom three starting with the top row.    First up is Adam and of course he is safe.  Matt G is next and Ryan says that America did not agree with the judges and he is in the bottom three.  I was a bit surprised by this.  Next up was Kris whom Ryan tricked into thinking he was in the bottom three.  Kris literally starts to walk down and Ryan says "you are safe". 

Ryan asks Lil and Michael stand up – he tried to make Lil think she was in the bottom 3 because two former contestants had sung Heatwave and they both went home.  Michael  knows it’s him though, and I totally agree with America.  If you haven’t read my last post, he is the contestant I want to see go home.

Before they get to the final bottom three contestants – Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson perform a duet.  I love both of them, but I just wasn’t feeling their duet at all.  Partly hearing the two of them singing "You’re The One For Me" to each other and partly that it just sounded like a …well, bit of a mess, in my opinion.

It starts back with the front roll and Allison who last week was in the bottom three but this week she is safe.  Up next is Anoop and Ryan says that America disagree with Randy and Simon and he is safe as well.  Danny is next and was obviously safe too. 

Scott & Megan stand up together; I am pleasantly surprised – it is Scott.  Now I know Megan really deserved to be in the bottom three, but I am so glad she gets another chance. 

Ryan asks Randy Jackson of the three standing there, who shouldn’t be – Randy says "Matt definitely doesn’t deserve to be there".  I also agree but Scott is the first one safe and can go back.

When Ryan asks Simon why he thinks Matt and Michael are the bottom two and  he says "because they’re not liked enough".

Before Ryan announces the contestant to go home – or a chance to sing one last time for the judges to decide if he gets a second chance… Stevie Wonder performs.  Who doesn’t love Stevie?  He sang a medley of his songs; I was glad to hear Superstition – one of my favorites Stevie Wonder songs.

Finally, we get to hear what we’ve waited all night for… Matt is safe and Michael Sarver is going home.  Thankfully, the judges don’t give him a reprieve and the fourth contestant of Season 8 American Idol is booted from the show.

Tune in next Tuesday night on Fox to watch the nine remaining contestants sing for a chance to be the 2009 American Idol winner.  Did you agree with America’s choice?  Who did you want to see go home?