A great weight loss week #Mamavation Monday

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I was a bit bummed about the last two weigh-ins because I didn’t lose anything one week, and only .5 pounds the other. I was working out more, but just wasn’t seeing results. I also realize I have a difficult time doing a #Mamavation Monday post when I’ve had a bad or unproductive week. I’ll work to do better!

Fast forward to this past week and I had a bad week as far as exercise goes. I didn’t workout once from Saturday before last through this past Saturday. I’ve been uber busy and the weather has not cooperated. At. All.

So I was nervous about getting on the scales.

I lost 1.5 pounds since last Monday’s weigh-in. Yipee!

Here’s the thing… I seem to lose more weight when I don’t exercise. I’m not sure if I’m eating too many calories when I exercise — because I feel hungrier when I do exercise. Or, I’m eating too few calories.  Either way, the scales just don’t go down when I exercise.

I spent an hour dancing yesterday. I love dancing, so I think I’m going to try to dance for an hour at least 2 more times this week. My week starts on Sunday since that is how the week starts using FitBit.

My official starting weight was 166.5 on October 15, 2012 (although I weighed 170.5 in July 2012). Today I weigh 144 pounds. That’s a 22.5 pound loss. I’m 15 pounds from my goal weight.

For this coming week, I will continue to track every calorie using My Fitness Pal. Start back on my running – I registered for the Color Me Rad 5k on April 6th. As of right now I can barely run 1.5 miles (and I HATE running, by the way). I have four weeks from this coming Saturday to be able to run a 5k and I’m nervous. I so want to run the entire 5k…

How are you doing with your weight loss, exercise, or other lifestyle goals you’ve set for yourself?



  1. I am not doing so well. When the weather warms up I will go outside and start “trying” to run. Good luck with the race! To me, it is not winning the race but finishing it.

  2. I am pregnant so I cannot diet. 2 things that help me when I am trying to lose weight is (1) if you are hungry, try using citracel to curb your cravings; drink fast and wait 30 minutes until eating, if still hungry, then eat. (2) stay hydrated with pedialite. Both could help you lose some extra pounds. Good luck!

  3. A 22.5 weight loss is awesome!! Congratulations! I definitely know how frustrating it can be to go from week to week and not lose or only lose a bit, but in your case, when you look at the over all loss, I think you are doing extremely well.

  4. Great work! I’m trying to get more motivation to get more exercise. Hoping to slim down by summer time.

  5. Getting closer to your goal every day! Rock on 🙂

  6. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so you’ll lose less on the scale but you did lose fat. 🙂

    1. Author

      Lisa, I know that logically, but it’s this mental thing. At least for right now. I really need the scale to go down. :/

  7. Dancing is a fabulous workout! Love it. Congrats on the loss! 🙂

  8. First congrats on losing 22.5 lbs! I have a lot to lose & my goal is to focus on what I can eat (instead of what I can’t) start adding these foods to my diet.

  9. It depends on what kind of exercise you’re doing. If you are building muscle you won’t lose weight as quickly, but your shape will change. And you definitely have to be careful of overeating after working out. You are doing amazing though! I’m sure you’ll hit your goal very soon!

  10. Another good write-up! May I share an important idea pertaining to weight loss: If you are on a diet, yet don’t want to get hungry in the middle fo the morning, have a breakfast that is full of protein instead of eating bagels and toast. Protein assists you in feeling fuller for a longer period of time, and you will avoid reaching for snacks to maintain your energy.

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