7 Quality Products Made in the USA

usa designDo you like to support American made brands? This promotes jobs for people in the United States and boosts the economy. Unfortunately, buying American is not always easy and it can take effort to find good products that are made in the USA. If you need help finding high quality products you will love, check out these seven products that are all made in America.

1 – Cloud Star

One made in America brand that people love is called Cloud Star. This company produces high quality pet products such as food and shampoo. All of the ingredients for Cloud Stars’ treats and grooming products are sourced domestically, and the company operates out of San Luis Obispo, California.

2 – Antho

Antho is US based company that produces eco-friendly, vegan, and organic products for the home and body. They sale just about anything you would need or want including laundry detergent and deodorant. Many people love purchasing their products for gifts.

3 – Ghurka

For high quality leather accessories and handbags, Ghurka is popular option. Their pieces are uniquely handcrafted and offer a timeless appeal. While the brand’s handbag collection is extremely popular, they also have luggage, briefcases, wallets, and other leather goods.

4 – Fiesta

If you are looking for high quality, colorful dinnerware, then Fiesta might be the place to shop. People all over the world collect this USA made tableware, and it comes with a five-year warranty against chipping.

5 – Beardition

Are you tired of the traditional grooming products that do not work very well? It might be time to try the natural line of products for men designed by Beardition. These products include everything from beard shampoo to beard oil, and they smell really nice too.

6 – Loggerhead

The next time you need a polo shirt, try Loggerhead. The South Carolina based company designs their polo shirts out of domestically sourced cotton. Even better, they give 10 percent of their revenue to turtle conservation and protection. This is because the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is one of today’s many endangered animals.

7 – Second Base

Women commonly wear camisoles underneath their clothing; however, these articles of clothing are usually made overseas. Now you can purchase them for an American made company called Second Base. The camisoles that Second Base sales are extremely soft and constructed out of high quality fabric to promote the best look.

Support America and shop from these seven companies today. You will love the high quality products they offer and the fact that you are shopping from a United States based business.


  1. this is a really great article i never knew they had these type of brands in the us

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  3. Great post! I’m moving to the US and hope to get to know all your great brands and products!

  4. Thanks for informing readers about these companies. I want to support Loggerhead. I live near the Gulf coast and I often hear about the problems facing loggerhead turtles.

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