7 Apps To Help You Be A Better Parent

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Being a parent is hard work, and keeping up with everything that’s going on can be a challenge. Whether you want to get on top of daily tasks, track your child’s development, or monitor their whereabouts and protect them, there’s an app that can help. In no particular order, here are 7 apps to help you be a better parent:

fbi child app

FBI Child ID

This app was actually created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and allows parents to store photographs of their children, along with other identifiers such as height, weight, hair color and eye color. Parents can have some peace of mind that they are prepared for unthinkable situations, as information can be quickly accessed and shared with authorities if the child ever goes missing.

Other prominent features include tips on what to do if something happens to your child, general safety guidelines, and shortcuts to call emergency services and other authorities that deal with missing children.

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is an all-inclusive app that tracks everything about your baby’s schedule and development, including feeding, changing, sleeping, moods, milestones, and medical information.  You can also create and store records such as growth charts and vaccination history, receive notifications and reminders, set timers, and attach pictures. Data can be made into lists, graphs and charts, shared via email, Facebook and Twitter, and synchronized with Apple devices, Androids and the Baby Connect web interface.

This app makes it easy to store your own records and compare them over time, as well as sharing them with your spouse or babysitter. You can also receive data and updates from your spouse or babysitter, meaning that everything is stored in one place and your baby receives the best care possible.

Dinner Spinner

A convenient app for planning meals, particularly at the last minute, you can select a type of dish, specific ingredients, and desired preparation time, and see what options you’re given.

Shopping lists can be made, recipes can be saved, and both can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter. Grocery items can be scanned and either added to shopping lists or searched for in recipes, and everything includes pictures. This is a great app for the meal planner of the house.

Food Additives 2

This app is great if your child has allergies, but is also useful for searching for various undesirable food additives, which can be listed by name, risk level, and special diet type.

It features over 450 additives, along with their origins and uses, side effects, maximum daily intake, and any potentially dangerous information or particular groups of people that may be negatively affected by them.

This is an excellent resource for parents of children with special dietary requirements or allergies, and parents who are health-conscious or concerned about the effects of additives.

Family Tracker

This tracker can provide you with the location of your children, the rest of the family, and anyone else who accepts your tracking request. It features a built-in unique messaging system, allowing you to contact them, and notifies you when they have read the messages, and you can even get their attention by setting off an alert siren.

The app needs to be bought separately for every device you’re tracking, and you have the option to subscribe to a service that allows you to view and transfer previous GPS data.

Parenting Ages & Stages

The Parenting Ages & Stages app consists of 5 stages: pregnancy, first year, second year, early years, and school years. It focuses on your child’s particular age and stage, from birthay parties to play dates, and provides you with relevant information about development and parenting concerns.

Customizable for every user, you can add your child’s name, their pictures, and their birthday. The app also includes notifications for product recalls and daily updates from parenting bloggers.


This is a comprehensive mobile monitoring system that alerts you to various household activities like people coming into the house, someone looking in the medicine cabinet, the door being left open, or someone trying to adjust the thermostat. You can view live and recorded video through installed cameras, turn lights on and off, and arm and disable the system remotely.

Visit Alarm.com to decide which products and services you need to keep your family safe.

There you have it, 7 great apps to help you be a better parent!

Sarah Perkins is a mother of four and writes regularly on the topics of parenting and technology.


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