6 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

This is a sponsored post. All opinions about the Neato D4 and tips for keeping your dorm room clean are 100% my own.

keeping a dorm room clean

I cannot believe that I just moved my only child into his dorm room. It truly seems like just yesterday I was walking him into his Kindergarten class.

I’m a bit of a mess, to be honest. It’s definitely bittersweet. I am a little sad, but I am very excited for him, too.

While I’m experiencing some anxiety, I know my son is a little nervous right now, but I know this will be the time of his life.

Before we moved him in, I went over a checklist of things with him, like what was in his first aid kit and making sure he knew how to contact maintenance if he had a problem with his dorm room or bathroom.

Another thing we talked about was how messy and cluttered a dorm room can get since it is such a small space if you don’t keep on top of it and keep it clean.

So, I’m going to share the tips for keeping your dorm room clean that I shared with him…

Tips For Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

keeping your dorm room clean

Vacuum or Sweep Regularly

One of the best ways to keep a dorm room clean is to keep the floors clean. However, my son, like many young men, hates to sweep or vacuum.

Fortunately, the Neato D4 makes it easy for college students to keep their dorm floors clean.

The design of the Neato D4 allows it to go around walls and corners more efficiently than other robot vacuums. This is important for college students, who have more things to do than clean their rooms.

Keeping floors vacuumed will help keep pests at bay, too.

Do Laundry Weekly

You don’t want wet, stinky laundry piled up. It’s one way to develop mold and have a musty-smelling room. The best way to avoid this is to stay on top of the laundry.

Take Out Garbage

Another way of keeping your dorm room clean is keeping the trash out. Don’t let garbage pile up because it can not only get smelly but cause bugs or worse.

Once your garbage can is full, take it out.

Use Diffuser

You can keep your dorm room smelling nice by using a diffuser. Or even plug-in air fresheners will work.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Dorm rooms are small.

Like, really small.

So, they tend to get cluttered really fast. Don’t keep buying or putting things in your dorm room unless you really need it. Or, buy organizational things and have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Pick Up After Yourself

Going along with keeping clutter to a minimum is to pick up after yourself. Make it a habit of not letting things pile up, like empty water bottles sitting on your bedside table (I’m talking to my son here).

Get in the habit of being neater.

If you stick to these six tips, your dorm room will stay nice and clean. You’ll be living in your dorm for approximately 16 weeks per semester, so you want a comfortable, clutter-free living space.

how to keep your dorm floors clean

To all the college students, especially upcoming freshmen… I wish you a wonderful year!

You can get your college student a Neato Robotics Vacuum and help them keep a clean dorm this school year. And give yourself some peace of mind knowing at least their dorm room floors will be clean.