5 Trends I Don’t Want to See in 2015

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

The year 2015 is almost here and with it, 2014 will be gone. There are several trends that have crept up over the last year that we really don’t need to see more of in 2015. It’s a fresh, new year and it’s time to put a few things to rest and see them no more.

Check out this list of 5 trends I don’t want to see in 2015.

no more butt pics on the internet
You didn’t think I was going to show a “butt” pic did you?

Butt Pictures

Kim Kardashian didn’t really break the Internet with pictures of her butt on the cover of a magazine. After she posed with her posterior exposed, a number of mimic pics were floating around the Internet. We don’t need to see any more. Butt pictures are never a good trend and what kind of message does it send to the youth of America?

Either way, Kardashian’s rear end sets a dangerous precedent: Will all celebrities start turning to show us their backside? It’s certain to backfire (no pun intended, maybe) when we start seeing posed pictures of hairy man butts peeking at us everywhere we turn.

Nobody needs to see that, so please stop.

Miley Cyrus stop twerkingTwerking

After Miley Cyrus twerked her scrawny back side in front of the world, it became a thing. Not really sure what kind of a thing, but it became a thing. Now everyone who has a butt thinks they can and must twerk. If there’s a camera around and a YouTube account handy then it’s even better. How about let’s not see this as a trend in 2015? Can I get an, Amen?

Anonymous crowd walking on a street in New YorkCrowd Shootings

Shootings at malls, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, streets, and more, have become too much of a common trend in recent years. Pick up any newspaper or check out any online news source on any given day and you’re bound to find a news piece about someone who decided to take out a crowd of people for some insane reason. Let’s not see any of these things in 2015. Realistic? Probably not. Worth hoping for? You bet.

trends of 2014 stop riot riotingRiots

Perhaps 2014 will be known as the year of the riots. Too many cities and towns have seen riots and unrest, violence and looting. Entire neighborhoods have been burned down and destroyed as people have tried to make a statement. What statement? Many probably don’t even know. How about in 2015, instead of rioting and destroying things, let’s find way to put our time to good use. Let’s rebuild things and spend time helping others.

Selfies trendSelfies

Selfies may be a trend that just won’t die, but please, can we stop in 2015? Sure, it’s fine to take a selfie once in awhile when you want to show off your new hairstyle, but the selfie-a-minute attitude that has become to prevalent in our social media-driven society has just got to stop. Overuse of selfies could be a sign of the rampant narcissism that has become the unfortunate norm for today.

There are plenty of other trends that need to end in 2015. At least for these five, let’s give it a rest.

What trend do you want to see stop in 2015?


  1. I agree, i don’t care for twerking or big butts (i m a guy)

  2. LOL Donna! These are great! I have to admit, I too am tired of seeing butts. But hey, if some of these gorgeous male models would love to show theirs, I’ll definitely look. πŸ˜‰ I never understood the “twerking” thing. Personally I think it’s stupid and please, Miley Cyrus, let’s not go there. I think she’s done broke her father’s achy breaky heart one too many times. On a serious note, crowd shootings and riots are just upsurd; the riots especially. They are rioting because a someone was shot, however they don’t think about the reason WHY the person was shot was because THEY were aiming a gun at the shooter! Egads…..grow up folks! Selfies don’t bug me that much. I can usually scan right over them unless someone is showing a lil too much flesh or has a booger. πŸ™‚

    Great list of 5’s Donna! Wishing you and yours a fabulous New Years!

  3. I agree and then some. If I NEVER saw another twerking video it would be too soon. Just stupid.

  4. I couldn’t agree more!! No need for anymore of any of that blah

  5. I agree with you and hope that these trends go away. I personally don’t like taking selfies, maybe I am self conscious, but I will occasionally share one.

    I would also love to see some of the horrible fashion trends such as shorts that are too short teen girls, offensive t-shirts, padded bras for little girls, tub top dresses for girls, lingere for little girls, and low-rise jeans. Kids are innocent when it comes to marketing and often times I feel that girls are targets of manufactures wanting them to appear sexy at a very young age. It is disgusting.

  6. I think I agree but I also agree with Brenda Lee about the “butts” HEHE!

  7. Awesome list!! I couldn’t agree more with each and everyone of these!

  8. Un-Natural Selfies I dont mind the pics its when they have stupid duck lips or sparrow face is when it bothers me or a new 1 every 10 mins

  9. I certainly want Justin Bieber (trend or the dude himself) to stop.

    1. I heard recently that he scored a major modeling deal with Calvin Klein. I didn’t realize Justin Bieber was still relevant. I’m saddened to think we have to deal with him in 2015 also.

  10. I could not agree with you more about this list Donna. So done with twerking and selfies. And I would love to see a more peaceful world this year. All the rioting and shootings have to go. Like John Lennon says “give peace a chance”.

    Have a great day! Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope it’s a wonderful one for you all.

  11. YES ON THE BUTTS!!! IN fact the whole trend of butts and having a big butt needs to go away!!! This friend of mine who for the longest time was OBSESSED with being SKINNY finally says, “I want a skinny waist and a big butt.” OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING!! I am all for people loving their bodies, but in reality, what our beauty standards NOW want isn’t for people to love the heavier or curvier figures, it’s for those figures to have barbie doll waist lines, enormous asses, enormous boobs, with beautiful sculpted cheek bones, bronzed tanned skin, beautiful luscious long hair, muscular legs, and all of us under 5’8 and above 5’2. THE STANDARDS ARE STILL IMPOSSIBLE. This is not a world of accepting who you are yet! #endrant.

  12. Ha the Twerking made me laugh, so don’t want to see that either! I don’t want to see fringe on clothing, but I’m only guessing it’s going to get more popular. They can take their 1960s and 70s and put it back in the time machine, thank you very much!

  13. And NO MORE Plane tragedies!

  14. TOTALLY agreed! No more twerking or big butts, plllllleaaaaaassssse!

  15. Very nice list and I agree with you I also hope that we stop the rioting and the needless waste of human lifes and shooting of kids, police and bystanders, has been a very emotional year for all of us, and in 2015, I wish for more peace and tolerance.

  16. These are all great and actually very true. Nobody wants to see your butt or you dance like you are an animal. That is all… πŸ™‚

  17. I couldn’t agree more. I’m tired of all 5 things – especially twerking!

  18. yes, yes, yes! πŸ™‚

  19. I wouldn’t be sad if we’d seen the last of these either, and quite frankly, I don’t need to see any part of Kim K ever again.

    1. I don’t even know why she’s relevant (well okay because she’s not) – I think everybody but herself is over her.

  20. The selfies have been an extreme since the popularity of MySpace (circa 2005). I understand when someone wants to show off a new hairstyle, but when they start taking pictures for no rhyme or reason, I can’t help but think that they’re narcissistic! ~lol~ With that being said, the same goes for the butt trend.

  21. I totally agree with you on all 5. I don’t want to see any more of any of it.

  22. I fully agree with all of these and the addition of duck faces.

  23. I agree with these, too. And why do people jack their eyebrows up in pictures? So weird.

    1. Sorry, it was supposed to be just Billie.

  24. Ha! I agree with all of this! Especially the twerking…sigh.

  25. I so agree with all of those. I won’t click on links or pages if I see certain words or names.

  26. I agree I am so tired of seeing women pop their butts!!

  27. Guessing the fringe bit will be 2015. I agree that we should let go with 2014 all the twerking, and the constant barrage of selfies. They won’t be missed.

  28. I agree with you – the twerking has gotten so old!

  29. Can I add to your list? Okay, good:

    1) Justin Bieber in any way, shape, or form
    2) Self-absorbed celebrities of any kind who go on tirades about how nobody is giving them the necessary attention
    3) Glorified stupid people (see #1 and #2)
    4) Bad grammar/spelling

    Okay, I’m done. Thanks, I feel better now.

  30. these are good! although i dont see the selfie trend leaving us anytime soon..

  31. another would be shaving one side of your head and a mop on the other side…hope this trend goes away.

  32. I have to agree with all but the Selfie, I think seflies can be empowering and it is easy to just skip over someone who posts too many, but if a person is feeling confident and wants to show it off I say go for it, the reason I dislike butt pics and twerking is that they add to the hyper sexualised view of women but again if the person in feels good about it more power to them I guess

  33. I agree with all of your topics regarding what you don’t want to see in 2015.. butts, twerks, selfies, riots and shootings.

  34. i agree with yyou in everything but in the last one
    i think selfies are great, fun and harmless

  35. Agreed and Amen! Especially the shootings, riots, and riots! The violence in this world needs to stop! Why can’t people realize that if everyone would love everyone and not discriminate, we could have a beautiful world and life!!

  36. If crowd shootings and riots went away, I’d be perfectly okay with the other trends staying around. Wishful thinking, I know.

  37. The unemployment trend…

  38. I want the “selfie” trend to stop.

  39. I agree 1000% on all of them πŸ™‚ Excellent post! I’m sharing this on Facebook!

  40. Loved the post, that’s just about it!!!

  41. Totally agree with all of these!! There should be a petition to kept butt pictures, twerking, and selfies out of social media. Enough is enough! The shootings and riots are just tragic and sad that should never occur.

  42. I don’t get the twerking thing (I find it rather disturbing) so hopefully it goes away soon!

    1. Author

      It’s ridiculous, really…. but it’s all about attention. Sigh.

  43. I love taking the occasional selfie so I don’t mind if those stick around this year, but everything Kim Kardashian, including her behind, can not disappear fast enough!

  44. i do not think selfies will be gone anytime soon!

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