5 Reasons You Need a Hot Tub Cover

With every purchase you make in the modern era, it’s always a good idea to consider investing in the protection of that product. As they say, “things just aren’t made the way they used to be.” If you’re going to spend hundreds, possibly thousands, on a new hot tub, it only makes sense to spend a little bit more money to ensure that your investment in relaxation and family entertainment is usable for years to come.

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One of the best investments you can make after purchasing a hot tub is a hot tub cover. There are a lot of good reasons to buy a hot tub cover and below, we’ll offer you five of the best reasons to purchase one, and even throw a few helpful tips your way to help in selecting the right hot tub cover for your spa.

1. Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

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The most obvious benefit of a hot tub cover is the fact that it keeps your hot tub clear of debris. If your hot tub is installed outdoors on a deck or patio, then it is exposed to the elements 24/7/365. This poses different dangers depending upon where you live.

For example, if you live in the Midwest, this means falling leaves, blowing debris such as sticks during a storm, rain, and snow. Even if you live in a dry, desert climate, you likely have dust and dirt to deal with when the wind kicks up.

Preventing these objects, especially dirt, leaves, and sticks, from entering your hot tub ensures that your filters, hoses, and drains remain free of debris that can clog them up and result in subpar performance or even the need for premature maintenance on critical systems.

Though you may not think of it immediately, rain and snow are also nuisances because they alter the chemical balance of the water in your hot tub and change its temperature.

This means spending more on chemicals to rebalance the water (for safety) and more money spent on utilities as the heaters work overtime to maintain the proper water temperature for your enjoyment.

2. Maintain Water Balance and Save on Chemicals

Speaking of water balance. The pH and alkalinity balance within your hot tub is very delicate. It only takes a small rainstorm to alter the pH and alkalinity levels within your hot tub, and if you live in a cold environment, the snow can quickly alter not only those balances but the temperature of your hot tub water as well.

The natural elements can quickly wreak havoc on your hot tub and put a dent in your wallet at the same time as you are forced to not only more closely monitor pH and alkalinity in the tub, but also use more chemicals to maintain the proper levels.

Hot tub covers cost around $300 depending on model and size. It’s a good idea to make that investment up front to avoid paying hundreds more in chemicals over the course of several years to battle the impact of the elements on pH, alkalinity, and temperature levels.

3. Cut Down on Operating Costs

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Rolling right along, we come to the positive impact a hot tub cover can have on your operating costs. The average hot tub costs roughly $25 per month ($300 per year) to power the heater and keep the water temperature steady.

Using an insulated hot tub cover, particularly if you live in a cold-weather environment, can help keep your electricity costs down. By trapping more of the warm air as it dissipates from the surface of your hot tub, you can help maintain a steadier temperature within the water.

As a result, your hot tub water heater won’t have to work overtime to try to keep the temperature steady. You can’t eliminate electricity costs altogether with a hot tub cover, but you can keep them from getting out of control.

4. Prevent Sun Damage

Believe it or not, the right type of hot tub cover can also help prevent the entirety of your hot tub from sun damage. You won’t notice the damage the sun is doing to your hot tub on a daily basis like you would debris floating in the water or a cooler temperature when you dip your toes in.

However, sun damage to your hot tub can be just as costly and shorten the life of your hot tub without a cover to protect it. Prolonged, direct sunlight can lead to deterioration of the acrylic shell within your hot tub and warp the exterior surfaces over time. A good hot tub cover can prevent these types of damage, even the exterior ones.

While you may think of a hot tub cover as an object to protect the open water surfaces, there are product options that include skirts and flaps of vinyl that help to protect the exterior surfaces of your hot tub to help extend its usable lifespan.

5. Ensure a Safe Environment

Finally, buying a hot tub cover helps ensure a safe environment around your home. Most people view pools as a greater danger than hot tubs, but the reality is that children and pets can drown in just a few feet of water. A secure hot tub cover that fits well and comes with a locking mechanism keeps your children, those of guests, and your pets from risking a fall into the hot tub.

A Few Quick Tips to Selecting a Hot Tub Cover

By now you’ve got the point, a hot tub cover is a wise purchase. Now the question becomes, what should I look for in a hot tub cover? When looking for a cover for your hot tub that provides the benefits listed above, consider the following:

  • A cover should be the proper shape and size to match your hot tub brand and model.
  • Thickness and density should match the region/placement of your hot tub. For example, if you live in a cold-weather climate, you’ll want a cover with thicker foam to better retain heat.

The type of vinyl makes a difference as well. High-quality vinyl in the cover design offers better UV resistance, while there are also vinyl covers that include mildew inhibitors within the materials to help prevent fungus and mold growth.