30 Days About Me Day 8: What do I hate

30 Days About Me
Howdy, and welcome to day 8 of my 30 Day About Me meme! Thanks to Toni from A Daily Dose of Toni, I'm taking part in this challenge to let you learn more about me, but more importantly, so I can learn more about my fellow bloggers.

Today's topic is, something I hate. I really don't "hate" anything or anyone. Even when I sometimes say "I hate" something, I really don't mean "hate". I do dislike some things/people. I do have some pet peeves. But I really had to think about this one. And think. And think. 

Ah, but alas, I did come up with something. There IS something I do hate… bullies. 

I hate bullies. The guy or gal who makes it a sport to pick on those that are different than them. Who are smaller and weaker than them.



Bullies are just cowards. That's why they pick on those smaller than them. Or they have their gang of followers so they feel like they have safety in numbers. A little part of me even feels sorry for them. A wee little part. But I mostly hate them. From the school bully to cyber bullies… they'll get no love from me. I could do several blog posts on bullying. In fact, be looking for them. 

Okay, after saying all of this, I realize I don't necessarily "hate" a bully. I hate the "act" of bullying. I feel sorry for the bully.

There you have it – something I hate. Is there something you "hate". Something that just gets your goat? Share it with us!



  1. Yeah bullies are the worst! I know growing up I had it hard, but nothing compared to what kids can do today!!Kinda scary to think my son and daughter will have to deal with cyber bullying on top of the everyday bullying. Can only hope I raise them to understand what self esteem is. Also that school is only the beginning not the end of your life!!!

  2. @Christopher (Lokki) – so glad you stopped by! I so agree with you on both counts – self-esteem is key, and that school is just the beginning not the end. You are a wise man and a good daddy!

  3. @Kerry – I’m so sorry your daughter had to go through that. I know it must have been so bad for her and you. As parents we so want to protect them and make everything okay. I hope she doesn’t every go through anything like that again.

  4. I put lying for mine…and I really do hate that. Off the top of my head I only know one blogger bully…and I avoid her blog like the plague.

  5. I really dislike lying, too. My son knows it something I don’t tolerate. And luckily, I don’t know any blogger bullies.

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