30 Days About Me Day 10: What’s in a picture

30 Days About Me
Toni from A Daily Dose of Toni, is hosting this 30 Days About Me challenge and today's topic is "A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You & A Current One". First off I apologize for not getting this one up yesterday. It was a very busy day here and I just didn't get a chance to blog. Sorry. 

As I was looking through my pictures to find two, I got tickled at the different looks I had… so instead of putting up two photos, I decided to make a collage of the the different looks I've sported over the last 10 years.

The one thing that has always been consistent is the length of my hair. I have and have always had long hair. One day I may change that. Who knows? But I've had bangs, no bangs, straight, curly, wavy, blonde, brunette (light brown to dark brown), blonde highlights… you get the picture.


Collage Me

How many looks have you had over the last ten years? Now, I can't wait to see my fellow blogger's photos. This is gonna be fun!