12 Fresh and Light Spring Salads

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I am a huge salad lover. Whether it’s a side salad or as an entree, nothing beats a good salad. And I especially love salads in the spring and summer when you can find fresh vegetables. Not to mention they’re usually healthy and can be a good side with dinner, so you get filled up on healthy vegetables and/or fruits, or a great easy lunch option.

salad 4 finished mac salad

Just like my toasted corn macaroni salad, the salads in the widget above are all great for picnics, cookouts, barbeques, or any time you want a delicious salad.

I love salads so much that I’ll add poached eggs, like the Spring Salad with Poached Eggs in the widget above, so I can have a breakfast salad! If you’ve never tried a salad that way, I highly recommend it!

I hope you enjoy the 12 light and spring salads I’ve shared above.

What’s your favorite spring salad from above?


  1. I like the variety here…thanks for sharing these. Definitely going to try some of these :).

    Happy Tuesday Donna!

  2. Your toasted corn macaroni salad is something I would love to try! It looks delicious and I’m all about macaroni salad!

  3. Those look amazing. I love, love, love summer salads. They are usually very colorful. Plus, I love all the fresh fruits and veggies available in the summer. Thanks for the choices…

  4. I can never have enough salad recipes. I try to eat a salad every day for lunch these ideas will come in handy!

  5. The spring fruit salad with the honey vinaigrette sounds refreshing for summer! It’s so pretty to look at too with all the beautiful colors.

  6. That watermelon mint sounds delish! I love salads, this is a great collection

  7. I love salads, especially in Spring! I think I’d go for the Toasted Corn Salad first – yum!

  8. I think the Arugula Honey Feta salad sounds good

  9. It has to be the chicken and strawberry salad. That looks outstanding!

  10. I love summer salads, and these sound unique.

  11. I love me a good salad and your toasted corn salad sounds AMAZING!!!!!

  12. Yummy! These look delicious! I want to try them all! 🙂

  13. I am a true salad addict! I really like the idea of adding fresh berries to my salads and that watermelon feta combo sounds very interesting.

  14. I love salad, especially one that has ton of green in it!

  15. The edible flowers and dandelion greens looks delightful. I’ll have to make it for sure.

  16. I love a light salad. You’ve chosen some great ones.

  17. i love salads. they r sooo great

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