10 Healthy Lifestyle Hacks for Busy Moms #Just10


I decided last Christmas that I had to lose weight, watch my cholesterol (at my last physical it was borderline), get healthier, and live a better example for my son. No more excuses. All moms are busy, I had to quit using that as my excuse.

I’m too busy to do this. I’m too busy to do that. I can’t do that, I’m too…. busy. You get the picture. Maybe you even make the same excuses?

I still find myself trying to make excuses from time to time, but since December 26, 2014, I’ve lost 30 pounds. I would like to lose 10 more pounds, but I feel good knowing I’m living a healthier lifestyle.

If you are a busy mom (or dad) be sure to check out America’s ‘Biggest Health Fair’ at Walmart on October 10th. Walmart wants to help all of us busy people out and it only takes 10 minutes or less. You know you can spare 10 minutes, right?

Here are 10 healthy lifestyle hacks for busy moms that I’ve incorporated into my life that have made a big difference:

#Just10 Walk

Make Walking a Habit

It’s great to find a good exercise routine you like or to join the gym, or a group class, but the most important thing you can do for yourself when it comes to exercise is… walk.

The best part about walking is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. You don’t have to join the gym, you can walk in your neighborhood, meet up with friends and walk at a local park, or walk on a treadmill if you have one. And like me, if you’re pressed for time, walk for just 10 minutes 3 times a day. The important thing is to be consistent and to walk at least 30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week.

#Just10 Yoga "me" time

Take “Me” Time

Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, take time out of your day just for you. Read a good book, do yoga, meditate, do your nails… just make sure it’s all about YOU. I say all the time that you have to take care of yourself first so you can give your best to others.

Recovery music rehab

Let the Music Move You

Listen to music. Any and every chance you get. Music improves performance and increases motivation. It can help you to relax or give you energy. Music is great for your mood. Even if you take 10 minutes out of your day to listen to music, I think you’ll find it will help your overall mind, body, and spirit.

#Just10 stand up for 10 minutes every hour for better posture alleviate back and neck pain

Stand Up

I’ve been thinking about doing a standing desk. With my job, I sit a lot. Too much sometimes, and research shows that prolonged sitting is not good for us. It leads to increased obesity, chronic pain (my back and neck can attest to this), and poor posture. So if you find yourself sitting a lot, stand up every hour or so and stretch or walk around for about 10 minutes before sitting back down to work.

step out of your comfort zone #just10 leave your comfort zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I challenge you to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do at least once a month. I admit, I have to challenge myself because I don’t like getting out of my comfort zone. But I think it’s important for an overall healthy well-being. It’s good for your spirit.

It could be something like signing up to run a race when you’ve never even run before or one I’m working on for this month, vlogging. I don’t like the way I sound on video, but I really want to do it. Maybe you want to change careers or go bungee jumping. Whatever it is that would make you leave your comfort zone, do it!

Track Calories #Just10

Track Your Food

I find that if I track everything I eat and drink, I have a much better chance of staying within my calories a day. It’s just too easy to forget something you’ve eaten, especially if you just take a bite or two… and drinks can easily add up your calories but easy to forget because we don’t tend to think of things we drink as having calories. There are so many great apps out there that will allow you to track your calories and it is worth your time. But old fashion pencil and paper will work just fine.

eat less by choosing smaller plates to eat on

Choose a Small Plate

You will eat about 20 percent fewer calories if you eat on smaller plates. Maybe it’s tricking our brains, I’m not sure, but I know it works. I especially choose smaller plates when I go to parties or events where food is served. Make a conscious choice to choose a small plate and it will become a habit.

Freshly harvested apples, side border on rustic aged wood background

Replace Dessert for Fruit

Do you have to have dessert after you eat dinner? I do, too. Now there’s nothing at wrong with a little dark chocolate every day if you want it, but if you find yourself wanting a high-calorie dessert after dinner, try replacing it with some fresh fruit. You’ll get the natural sugars with far fewer calories. 

You can buy fresh fruit already cut up so you will always have something quick to grab saving you time, too.

Get plenty of sleep for good health #Just10

Sleep Better

Okay, this is my biggest challenge, but I am determined to get better, and more sleep. I made a plan where I would start going to bed 10 minutes earlier each week until I’m getting about 8 hours of sleep a night. I generally get 6-hours if I’m lucky. This will be a good goal and 10 minutes a week will be doable. Getting plenty of sleep is so important for good health.

#Just10 keep your brain sharp crossword puzzles

Challenge Your Brain

Take the time every day to do a crossword puzzle, a Sudoku puzzle, an app that challenges you on your phone, or even a jigsaw puzzle. The point is to keep your mind fresh and sharp. It will help your memory (and as a mom, who couldn’t use that?).

There you have it, 10 healthy lifestyle hacks anyone can do, even us busy moms. It doesn’t take too much time to incorporate #Just10 healthy things into your day to be a better YOU! Most of the hacks above can be done in only 10 minutes or in increments of 10 minutes throughout your day. 

What I’m trying to say is… it’s not difficult to take #Just10 minutes of your time to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change! 

On 10/10 stop by a Walmart that has a pharmacy, where over 4,000 Walmart stores will be participating in America’s Biggest Health Fair and in about 10 minutes you can have blood glucose, blood pressure, and vision screenings, as well as immunizations administered FREE. That’s 10 minutes everyone can spare! Visit Walmart.com/healthcare.


  1. Excellent tips Donna. I’ve been thinking about getting a standing desk as well. I struggle to keep at a healthy weight and know that sitting all day blogging and social sharing is not good for me.

  2. I am loving all of your hacks. I need to swap out some fruit for dessert.

  3. These are all great tips- I have to stand up every 45 minutes or so or I get restless- it also helps break up the day and keep me focused!

  4. I was tracking my food for a while and then totally forgot to do it when I got a new phone! I need to do it again. Thanks for reminder.

  5. These are great! I’m so bad about having dessert. A nice peach might be a good alternative.

  6. It really is amazing how much little changes can add up! These are great tips, I think the me time is a big one that gets looked over by moms.

  7. These are great tips! With three kids under 4 finding time for me and sleep are the ones I need to work on most!

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  9. Great hacks! I think they are all great, especially for us busy moms. I am always trying to find new ways to get things done quicker, cheaper and better!

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  13. Great tips. I keep telling my MIL that taking little steps will get her to the big one. Walk to the mail box… then walk a bit further… if she doesn’t step outside her comfort zone, she will never get to where she needs to be.

  14. These are such great tips! I already so several of them, like replacing desserts with fresh fruit!

  15. Love these tips. Lately my “me time” has been the time when I’m doing my own manicure, haha. But hey, at least my nails look great.

  16. I have been trying to do at least one thing that is out of my comfort zone a month. It is so important to take time out of your day for yourself. These are great hacks.

  17. These are great hacks for living a healthy lifestyle. I have been trying to do yoga and i really feel a difference. When i find myself feeling lazy i like to turn up the music and start moving.

  18. These are really good ideas. I need to start thinking about this on an everyday basis.

  19. It really only takes a few small changes and determination to work towards your weight loss goals! Keep up the good work!

  20. These are great tips. I found using a smaller plate definitely helps. Also, 10 minutes isn’t much time to devote to something either.

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  26. Glad I decided to browse your blog today because I’m a big fan of Walmart wen it comes to purchasing fitness equipments, and helping moms live in bodies that empowers them through life modification described in your list of 10.

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