10 Apps on my iPhone right now

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

These are the first 10 apps on my iPhone at this very moment (I have over 60 apps currently). And I delete apps often.

1.  HootSuite – HootSuite for iPhone® allows you to send updates to Twitter, Facebook,
and Foursquare from virtually anywhere. Plus, you can easily manage
campaigns, schedule updates, and even translate messages to/from over 50

2.  Facebook – If you're not familiar with Facebook, you've been living under a rock. Really. You can do most everything you do on FB on your iPhone…. just taking FB mobile.

3.  Big Lens – I love this app! Big Lens allows you to blur out the background of your photos, putting the focus on, well, what you want the focus on. The app also includes 18 filters that allow you to adjust
qualities like color and contrast, or to apply artistic effects.

4.  Instagram – "It's a free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone." I must admit that for some reason I've not used Instagram like I want to, but I plan on really using it more in the near future.

5.  StumbleUpon – "StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover new and interesting things
from across the Web. Simply tap the “Stumble!” button, or swipe your
device’s screen to discover photos, videos, web pages and more,
recommended by people sharing your Interests." I used to use this app – All. The. Time. But I've slacked off (okay, quit) using it lately.

5.  Pinterest – "Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the
beautiful things you find in your life. People use pinboards to plan
their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite
recipes."  My new favorite app. Now I use this app – All. The. Time.

6.  Angry Birds – A game where you use the "angry" birds to take out the greedy pigs. It's addictive. Now I find that I goes weeks without playing it. But once I start I can't stop.

7.  RavingFactory – "Raving Factory is an original point and click style adventure made for
iOS devices. In order to escape, you will have to solve the puzzles and
figure out the best path to escape." If you like puzzle games (and I do!), you'll like this creepy, yet fun game. (disclosure: this is my husband's app).

8.  Nebulous – "Nebulous Notes is a powerful, yet simple, text editor for note-takers,
writers, and coders. Your notes are backed up and available from
Dropbox, the best back-up service in the world." I've found this to be an invaluable app (along with Dropbox).

9.  Dropbox – "Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and
videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file
you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers,
your iPhone and iPad and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app,
you can take everything that matters to you on the go." My husband and I use this all the time!

10. Lose It – Succeed at weight loss with Lose It! Set goals and establish a daily
calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track each day by
recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget. Sadly, I haven't been using the app lately. Plan on starting back this summer!