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best movie snack Mike and Ike Zours candy #zoursface #shop #cbias #collectivebias

Family movie night is a much anticipated night in our home. It’s one of the nights (and during the summer, we might even have two movie nights) we look forward to all week. We love a good movie, but a good movie isn’t complete without good snacks… Zours® make the best movie snacks to go along with our popcorn.

best movie snack Mike and Ike Zours at Walmart #zoursface #shop #cbias #collectivebias

Last week I stopped at Walmart where there was a Zours® in-store demo going on and I had so much fun hanging out with Patricia, the Zours® demo lady. She was so excited about sharing Zours® with all the Walmart customers and her excitement rubbed off… I bought the last 2 boxes of Zours®.


That was close. I’m not sure what I would have done if there were no more Zours®; I needed them for our family movie night.

Seriously, Knoxville loves their Zours®.

I know my family does. I’m a long time Zours® lover. My mom always said I was the sweetest child but loved sour foods. The more tart the better. I never outgrew my love for sour. I can’t imagine a movie night without those tasty #ZourFace candies.

best movie snacks Zours #zoursface #shop #cbias #collectivebias

This past Saturday night we had a fun movie night… while watching our movie, we snacked on the best movie snacks — Zours®. Of course we had popcorn and I also made a bowl of trail mix that was the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and ‘Zour’!

Zours candies craft #zoursface #shop #cbias #collectivebias
My son turned some Zours® candies into little aliens for a fun craft and glued them to popcorn bags for family movie night! #zoursface

My son says that Zours® look like the makings of a perfect alien, so he asked if he could do just that… we got out a few craft supplies and I let him do what he wanted. It was his idea to glue them onto the popcorn bags.

best movie snack Mike and Ike Zours #zourface #shop #cbias #collectivebias

best movie snack movie ticket printables #zoursface #shop #cbias #collectivebias

It doesn’t take too much time or trouble to make family movie night memorable. Just grab your favorite movie candies, like Zours® candy, popcorn, and print out some movie tickets (Click on the above image to get your free movie ticket printable) and pick out a good family movie and enjoy.

While I was at the Zours® demo at Walmart and tasting the Zours® candy, I snapped a pic of my Zours® face. Connect with me on Instagram, pick up some Zours®… I’d love to see your #zoursface

Does your family do movie night? What’s your favorite movie snack?


  1. I usually don’t eat popcorn or candy with movies. I am going to have a True Blood A Thon this weekend though and I am going to make some guacamole to go with tortillas and something alcoholic for the beverages.

  2. Now that looks like a fun movie night!!! Looks like the perfect snacks too, and LOVE your sour face!

  3. That is so funny…I went to a Zours demo too and literally bought the last two boxes on the shelve as well! They are good!

  4. I haven’t tried Zours, I love all of the other sour candy like sour patch kids, sour gummy worms, and a few others.

  5. You just gave me the chuckle I needed after a long stressful day. I love that face you gave. Those aliens are just so cute!
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your movie night fun with us. It sounds like I’d have a really good time with you.

  6. I love your sour face! My kids would gobble up those alien snacks.

  7. Now that’s a movie night, where was my invite…lol

  8. I’ve never tried zours before. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I’m a big fan of sour stuff. I love having salty and sweet in popcorn.

  10. Your Zours face is the BEST!!!! I actually do love those mixed into my popcorn!

  11. I am definitely a candy person so I would load up on the candy for movie night.

  12. We use to have movie nights when my kids were home and now I try to do it with my grandkids when ever they spend the night, especially in the winter months.

  13. Those little ‘aliens’ on the bag are so cute! We do family movie nights and our favorite snacks are popcorn and twizzlers.

  14. I have not tried these before, but I have rarely met a candy I didn’t like. Will have to pick some up for our next movie night.

  15. I love the popcorn bag craft. I think the build-up to a fun event can be just as much fun for kids. Looks like a great family night.

  16. We used to do movie nights but we’ve seen everything that we have so many times already. I think we need some new movies first. I’ve never tried these but both my daughter and I love sour candy!

  17. My kids would love your movie night setup! Zours aren’t my thing, but I know a lot of people who love them!

  18. I usually love to snack on Cookie Dough Bites, while my son and husband love Reese’s Cups, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces. 🙂

  19. I usually don’t eat candy at the movies, but I do pig out on popcorn. This looks really good!

  20. Popcorn is our favorite snack and we sometimes enjoy a little chocolate during our movie night too.

  21. (hope this isn’t a dubpicate..) We are huge Mike and Ike fans. They are addicting!

  22. I love the little aliens! I hope you all had fun on your movie night. What a great #ZoursFace #client

  23. I so enjoyed having you at my demo, yes the Zours are awesome… They are the perfect movie snack to go with the new chez mix pepped sweet & salty you gotta try them together… Loved meeting you.. Hope to see you again soon !!

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