Work From Home Job Opportunities…Part Three – Affiliate Marketing

jpg_dollar800resized On June 23rd, we discussed getting paid for taking surveys, promos, trying out products and more with CashCrate and on June 30th, we talked about Pay Per Post blogging.  It is now time for part three of our four part series – ‘Work From Home Job Opportunities’.

The third way to make money working from home is…affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative Internet business models in the world. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a system of advertising where a merchant website will share revenue with webmasters in exchange for exposure, advertising, or other marketing efforts on the website.   Affiliate programs are extremely popular due to their simplicity and effectiveness. You can join an affiliate program, set up links and begin earning money in a matter of minutes. 

In some cases, you can join a network of affiliates that allows access to numerous merchants and a multitude of sales items. Joining one of these associate programs is a great way to build a long-term relationship with a number of affiliates.  I want to point out that affiliate marketing is a lot of hard work.  To be a successful affiliate marketer you need to…

1.  Choose a niche market

2.  Choose the best affiliate programs

3.  Create great content

4.  Track your progress

We will go into these four tips on being a successful affiliate marketer in more depth later this week.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation.  You make a commission for selling a merchants product or service, so the merchant is happy, because he may not have made that sale otherwise.  You are happy because you made money by having a link on your site for a particular product or service and the customer or visitor to your web site or blog is happy because they got what they needed. 

I know that if I am in the market to buy a particular item and I find it on a website that is affiliated, I will purchase it through the affiliate link because I realize that he/she will be earning a commission.  My whole way of buying online has changed since I learned that I could help other work at home moms (or anyone trying to make a living from working at home) stay wahms by making my purchases through affiliate links.

Here is how I look at it…if I’m looking for a kitchen gadget, for example, I could go to a particular stores web site and purchase it straight out, or I could go to a work at home moms website or blog (who has tried out this kitchen gadget and reviewed it) and purchase it through her affiliate link.  See the price will be the same…the difference will be that the work from home mom will get a cut of the money.  Therefore, I feel good knowing I am getting a kitchen gadget that has a good review and at the same time helping someone to continue to work from home.

Well there you have it… three ways to monetize your blog or website so you can become a work at home entrepreneur.  Next Monday we will discuss the fourth way of making money by working from home.