Why Women Make the Best Entrepreneurs

The word entrepreneur brings up a vision of success and achievement. While there have been many successful male entrepreneurs over the years, I would like to set the record straight with a simple premise: Women make the best entrepreneurs.

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And there are plenty of examples to prove it, such as Chrissy Weems.

Why is that, you ask? Let’s take a look.


Why Women Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Women Are Natural Multitaskers

I’ll say it, women are natural multitaskers. In the past, it was the woman that managed the house and kept everyone alive and on time. It takes a lot to make these things happen, especially when everything doesn’t go as smoothly as expected. In fact, most days the exception is the rule.

In today’s world, a woman can take that natural ability and ride herd on many different tasks throughout a given day. We are wired to keep things on track and moving, it’s a survival skill we developed a very long time ago.

Now, many men are also good at multitasking, but we excel at it. Sorry guys.

Women Are Nurturers

When it comes to nurturing something to maturity, we can do that job without batting an eye. Historically, women have been responsible for nurturing children into all they can be, and in many cases, we have done several at the same time. Men don’t stand a chance standing up to that kind of project expertise.

We can seize control of that project and bring it along to completion, making sure it has what it needs to properly develop into the best project it can be.

Of course, we have no problem in sharing the project and will even give credit where credit is due. But when it comes to controlling a project, us women have the skillsets required.

These skillsets are precisely what the female entrepreneur needs to be successful in their own project.

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Women Are Hard Workers

As history has shown time and again, women don’t mind to roll up their sleeves and get down to work. We can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan.

Back during World War II, women showed up in droves to work the factories as men went to fight, and production never missed a beat. Rosie the Riveter was the portrait of the average hard working woman, and we haven’t slowed down ever since. Not even.

Women Complete Tasks

A man can do the job, and even do it well on most occasions, but women will do everything needed in the house and have it spotless along with dinner on the table before she’s done. We are natural completers.  We get the job done, the whole job. Which is exactly what an entrepreneur needs to do.

As you can see, women are the ideal entrepreneurs, and women like Chrissy Weems know it as well. I’m not saying men can’t be great entrepreneurs, but they will have to work harder just to keep up with us.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and there is room for both sexes. But just don’t get in our way, because it’s hard to stop the woman entrepreneur train. You’ve been warned.