Winter Scarves – Oasap Review

Oasap Review

I just adore scarves. They’ve actually become a bit of an addiction for me. I’ve definitely got a nice collection started. A scarf is my accessory of choice, for sure.

In fact, I recently got two more!



I found these gorgeous winter scarves from Perfect for a cold day. Trust me, it’s been quite cold here the last couple of days. Both these scarves kept me warm and cozy.

I needed a gray scarf and wasn’t sure about the length of the Bread Twist Pattern Long Scarf at Oasap, but my worries were not warranted. This is my new favorite scarf.  At only $26 for the quality of this scarf, it’s a bargain. I love the long length. Now, I do have to be careful bending down, because it will drag the ground, but I just hold the ends in my hand. Small price to pay, believe me.


The other scarf I chose was the Rhombus and Braid Pattern Scarf in coffee. I was wanting a solid brown colored scarf so I was excited to get this warm scarf. It is definitely warm, and I love the pattern. This scarf is wider than the grey scarf, as well as warmer.

I admit, I wish I had gotten the coffee colored scarf in the long scarf… which is funny since my concern was that it would be too long. As I mentioned above, I’m lovin’ the long scarf.

Long scarves rock. Just saying!

I know I’ll get lots of wear out of these two scarves through February, at least. Now, I think I need to buy the long pink scarf, or maybe the jester red scarf for a pop of color.

What’s your favorite accessory? Do you wear scarves?

Disclosure: I was provided a credit to order items from to facilitate my review. As always all opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.


  1. Those look so warm and cozy! I would love one right about now.

    1. WOW those scarfs are Beautiful.

  2. Scarves would drive me crazy LOL, I’m glad we don’t really wear them here in SoFL

  3. Love scarves 🙂 I totally understand!

  4. Love how long and plush they look and I definitely like your cardigans too!

  5. I love scarves too!!!! my favorite winter accessory

  6. I have really taken an increased liking to scarves this fall/winter season. You look absolutely stunning!

  7. Oh those are beautiful. My daughter has really gotten into scarves, lately, but she doesn’t have anything nearly as beautiful as those. Great prices, too!

  8. Cute! I learned on Pinterest some new ways to tie them.

  9. Looks very nice!

  10. These are all so beautiful. I love scarves but I can’t really wear them always here in our place. It gets cold once in a while and that would only last about a month or two.

  11. Those are gorgeous. I love that brown one.

  12. LOVE your scarves… but it is too warm here for them 🙁 I grew up in Cincinnati and had a ton of scarves, but living in TX now I guess big hair is a substitute for warmth?! 😉 (seriously…if not for the internet, we wouldn’t have gloves, hats or heavy coats at all…they can’t be found!)

  13. I love scarves, too! Especially infinity scarves.

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