Will You Give it Forward on Giving Tuesday?

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Give Forward

I confess that I do not do Black Friday… I truly cannot think of anything I want badly enough to fight the crowds. Besides, I love Thanksgiving and spend it cooking/baking spending time with family, relaxing, and traveling to and from my parents, who live out of state.

Black Friday just isn’t my thing. I know though, that it is a big thing for many people. Those looking for great deals and those who just love the thrill of it.

Now Cyber Monday, that’s my day. I love shopping from the convenience of my home, so I enjoy getting some good deals on Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday

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The day I love most though is Giving Tuesday.

I teach my son the importance of giving. I stress the importance of having a giving heart, every day, but Giving Tuesday is a good reminder for everyone to not sit idly by thinking I’ll give later, or a lot of people are giving, so mine won’t be missed. If everyone thinks that way… no one will give.

It’s the same phenomenon as people who see an accident or tragedy and do NOTHING. It’s called bystander apathy.

Giving Tuesday wants to bring recognition to humanity over the economy.

So, how can you participate?

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On Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 2nd, 2014), give time or money to a cause or person you care about.

Buy the driver in the car behind you at Starbucks a morning coffee to warm and brighten his/her day.

You and/or your children can do errands for grandparents or neighbors like raking leaves or cleaning out gutters.

Contribute cash to a non-profit that researches and increases awareness for a disease affecting a loved one… American Cancer Society is one of my favorites to donate to.

Or, find a GiveForward recipient that inspires you, like how $90 buys Darla a day off work while she fights breast cancer.

Acts of true giving take place every day on GiveForward, but Giving Tuesday is a wonderful time to reflect on how both small and large gifts make great impacts. Share your Giving Tuesday moments with us by using the hashtags #GivingTuesday and #GiveForward.

So give. Give any time you can, when you can… but “give” on Giving Tuesday. Don’t put it off. I’ll give on #GivingTuesday, my son will give on Giving Tuesday and I encourage YOU to give on this dedicated day for giving, too.