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Wild Pursuit Gives Our Dog a Healthy Option for his Wild Side #NaturalBalance

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: October 21, 2015 | Categories: Animals, Dogs, Pets
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This post is sponsored by Natural Balance and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness about Natural Balance Wild Pursuitโ„ข or Natural Balance Treats, but Blog by Donna only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance is not responsible for the content of this article.

Natural Balance Wild Pursuit gives our dog energy, providing a high protein diet

Our pup, Baxter, loves to romp and play, and although he is an inside dog, he loves being outdoors. Since he is our first Shih Tzu, I’m not sure how other dogs of this breed behave, but he is not a froufrou dog… he wants to be out in nature getting in touch with his wild side.

Natural Balance Wild Pursuit dog food gives our dog energy to play

We want to keep him active and healthy, so it’s important to us that we feed him a high protein, grain free diet like Natural Balanceยฎ Wild Pursuit and that when we reward him with a dog treat, it’s good for him and shows him how much we love and care for him.

Our Shih Tzu loves Natural Balance Wild Pursuit, high protein dog food.

Up close image of Natural Balance Wild Pursuit with freeze dried raw pieces.

Baxter needs dog food and treats with a superior high protein, grain free formula that will satisfy his primal cravings. You know, that “wild” side I mentioned earlier. He really is such a well behaved dog that we want to reward him with nutritious rewards and I love that Wild Pursuit is formulated by expert nutritionists. I recently received Natural Balance Wild Pursuit to try out with Baxter.

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Logo

Product Info

  • Wild Pursuit is a high protein, grain free product line from Natural Balance that was introduced in May 2015
  • A complete line of 35 varieties to choose from, including dry food (for dog and cat), wet food (for dog and cat) and treats (for dog only)
  • It is for all life stages and breeds, from puppies/kittens to adults
  • Natural Balance Wild Pursuitโ„ข dog treats come in Venison or Lamb Lung Bites
  • They are an authentic and irresistible high protein, grain free and gluten free treat with less than 8 calories per piece

Attributes and Benefits

  • Meets the nutritional needs of dogs and cats by closely resembling the diet they would have eaten in the wild.
  • Every product (except treats) contains a balanced blend of three protein sources (eg. trout/salmon/tuna or lamb/chicken/guinea fowl) and freeze dried raw pieces
  • You can choose from unique proteins like guinea fowl, quail, trout, walleye
  • A 100% grain free formula

Because they are so confident in their pet food and treats, Natural Balance Wild Pursuit comes with a “Buy with Confidence” guarantee.

As I’ve mentioned many times on my blog before, Baxter is a family member and his diet is as important as our’s is… and  since Wild Pursuit contains no artificial ingredients or colors combined with being a premium-quality protein source, it makes it a great natural pet food choice for us.

Shih Tzu running and exploring his Wild Side with Natural Balance Wild Pursuit

We will continue to embrace Baxter’s wild side and look forward to giving him high protein dog food and healthy treats. He does deserve the best pet food. Check back in about a month to see how we like Wild Pursuit. 

If you would like to try Natural Balance Wild Pursuit for yourself, check out where to buy Natural Balance products from pet retailers near you. Check out the Natural Balance dog treats here.

Stay in touch with Natural Balance via their social channels:

Does your dog or cat have a wild side?



30 Responses to Wild Pursuit Gives Our Dog a Healthy Option for his Wild Side #NaturalBalance

  1. Pauline Gorczycki says:


  2. Oh my God. Your dog. I love that you have a post about Wild Pursuit and that’s the dog that’s zipping through the yard. It’s so, so cute.

  3. Heather S says:

    What a CUTE little guy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And yay for companies making food that’s actually healthy and nutritious for our animals!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    This sounds like a great brand of dog food. I might actually switch my dog ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Karen says:

    Our cat is finicky and doesn’t like any treats or wet food, but the DOG, she LOVES treats! She knows what behavior earns her one, and when she does those good things, she’ll run right over to the shelf where her treats live, and sit patiently waiting for us to get one out ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Amber Ludwig says:

    Is it weird that my first thought was like “why don’t they make this for my kiddo” lol!??! I swear my son would rather roam and frolick outside then inside ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess I still have to feed him real food huh?!? This brand sounds fabulous and I will have to share it with my doggy mom friends!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Pam says:

    This sounds like a great option for dogs! I love that it is grain free.

  8. Terry says:

    I like the fact that it is grain free. This looks like a much healthier option.

  9. Cathy says:

    We just got Wild Pursuit and I’m looking forward to trying it with my dogs. I have heard excellent things about it.

  10. Debra says:

    Your dog is adorable. I think the thing that catches my eye here is that it’s grain free. Lots of pet foods have fillers like that and not filled with “the good stuff.”

  11. Amber C. says:

    You have a such a cute dog! I would love to try this for our Husky Bella!

  12. Crystal says:

    It can be so hard to get them to slow down! I love you’re embracing the wild side! I’ll have to check out Wild Pursuit for my dog.

  13. Catherine S says:

    This sounds like a great brand of dog food and treats. It would be great for my sisters dog that is active.

  14. Marcie W. says:

    I really appreciate a line of dog food that is grain free. I am sure our sweet boy would love all of those unique flavor options too!

  15. Stefany says:

    I love your pictures! I have a pitbull that is very wild at times! ha!

  16. OMG, Baxter is the cutest pup ever! We have a Shih Tzu too and just love ours! She’s our baby! Baxter looks like he’s so full of energy!

  17. laurie damrose says:

    I would like to try this for my dog,grain free is better for dogs.

  18. Shannon says:

    This sounds like great dog food and thank you for sharing your review with us.

  19. Chasing Joy says:

    I love your dog. He reminds me of my dog that passed away last year. He was a Shih tzu also. He could be frufru (you could tell he’d be feeling himself after getting groomed) but he did love to run around and gallop through grass also.

  20. Maria Montero says:

    One of My dog’s is allergic to chicken :(, but my other dog is not maybe he can have this food ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Baxter is absolutely adorable!! He really has the cutest face!! We are also trying out Natural Balance and are loving it!! The pictures you took are great!

  22. That is a spunky little dog! Clearly giving him good, wholesome fuel is key to live a busy, happy life!

  23. My daughter has two dogs, Elvis and Ringo. This may be a great option for them.

  24. I think all dogs and cats have a wild side! Some are just more assertive about letting us know about it! It’s sometimes tricky to match the right food to the right pet, glad to hear that wild pursuit is helping you find the right balance for your furbaby ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Rosey says:

    A healthy diet does help keep them active. It’s important that we give our pets good food.

  26. Dawn says:

    Your dog is such a cute fluffy dog! I have heard great things about Wild Pursuit. We will have to let our dog try it.

  27. Tracey says:

    Your dog is the perfect example of wild pursuit! Look at him running around like crazy. This dog food looks great.

  28. Christie says:

    Wild pursuit fits your dog’s personality! Great to hear that you found a healthy option for food

  29. Trish F says:

    Your dog is a cutie and our pets deserve the best, this sounds like a good nutritious option.

  30. Terry Poage says:

    I am thinking of switching my dog too.