Why Should We Pay Extra For 3D Glasses… Every Time

BabyGlasses If you read my previous post 'Fly Me To The Moon 3D – A Movie Review', you know I loved the movie; and you also know I have an issue with paying $2.50 extra per person for the 3D (polarizing) glasses.  My problem isn't with the initial extra price for the polarizing glasses but in having to buy the 3D glasses every time you see a 3D movie.

As I said, we just saw 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' in 3D and paid $7.50 extra for a family of three.  Then yesterday we paid another $7.50 for the polarizing glasses to watch 'Fly Me To The Moon'.  This still might not be a big problem for me, but during the previews of coming attractions, there are two more 3D movies (Rated G) coming out this year!  And I have a feeling that this 3D trend is only going to get bigger.

So can someone tell me why we have to continue to pay for the same polarizing glasses over and over again?  I can keep up with our 3D glasses.  If I happen to lose a pair before the next 3D movie I can pay the $2.50 for a pair.  If I don't have the polarizing glasses I don't mind paying for them.  My gripe is paying over and over again for the same 3D glasses!

Over the years the price for a movie ticket (not to mention the concessions) has risen to the point where I don't know how a big family can afford to see a movie in a theater.  Now add $2.50 more per person, and it can put a serious drain on the pocketbook.  Especially when the 3D movies are targeted to our children, who beg and plead to see them.

As I said in my 'Fly Me To The Moon' review…I am glad I got to experience the nWave 3D technology for it was visually astonishing!  I just wish I could have used the 3D glasses I just purchased the week before.  I really don't think that is too much to ask!

What is your opinion on the extra $2.50 per person fee for every 3D movie?  Share it with us.  Hope to hear from you!


  1. You keep saying purchased. Didn’t it occur to you that you were renting them?

  2. No I purchased them. I now have 6 pairs of 3D glasses. And as I said there are at least 2 more 3D movies out this year so I will be ‘purchasing’ 6 more. If I were renting them I would be returning them – not keeping them. 🙂

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