Who will buy the iPad 3?

Rumor has it that Apple will release the iPad 3 on March 7. We have an iPad, and by "we", I mean my son…. since he uses it 75% of the time. I would like an iPad 3, but may wait till after the release and see if I can find a good deal on a used iPad 2. Will you be buying an iPad 3?

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Infographic originally published on Mashable.com.


  1. I don’t have an iPad, but would like to get one.

  2. The only reason I have an iPad (the original one) is because I won it. I could never afford it otherwise. The amazone fire is much more reasonably priced, even if it is smaller. One thing that drives me crazy with my ipad is Flash is not supported!

  3. I have yet to buy ANY tablet. I am determined to win one!

  4. First on my list is a new DSLR I have yet to get an IPad.. Don’t really need one right now. Then I want a new computer. QVC and HSN has me by the.. 🙂

  5. I don’t own an iPad at all but I really want one. My husband offered to get me the iPad2 for Christmas, but i told him I was holding out for the 3. I can’t wait to see what the improvements are. Depending on that I will either get the 3 within a few months or pick up the 2 at a reduced price.

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