Who Is The Better Driver…Women!

Being a woman I have heard all the jokes and remarks about how women can't drive or park.  You have to be loaded with testosterone to be able to drive.  So I decided to do a little research…and this is what I found.

According to Car-Accidents.com:

Men are more than twice as likely to die in a car crash than women, consider the yearly statistics shown below. In fact, studies have shown as many as 73 percent of all people killed in car accidents are male. Since record keeping began: male fatalities significantly outweigh female fatalities. However men and women do not drive the same number of miles under the same conditions- men do about 60-65% more driving than women. Studies show that woman take shorter trips and female drivers have a greater number of minor crashes than do men. However men are still 70% more likely to be in a serious crash.

In 2006, Male drivers killed was 29,722 compared to 12,747 female drivers killed.

What could account for this disparity?  Some researchers believe the explanation could be hormonal – related to aggressiveness, others put more emphasis on data such as the measurably greater alcohol use among men while driving.

Now if this isn't enough proof check out this YouTube video.

I want to add that I am by no means 'men-bashing'.  Men are wonderful!  I have to say my husband is in fact, a good driver. 

Just a little good-humored retaliation for all the videos, pictures and comments about 'bad women drivers'. 

So guys please don't be offended…just admit women are better drivers!