When you say “lol”, are you really laughing?

Laughter April 1

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Today's Sunday Stealing is the April No Fools' Meme. Once again, I'm here to tell you a little more about me. I sometimes even learn a little more about myself when I answer the Sunday Stealing questions. So without further ado, here's my answers to this week's questions:

1. What was the last clothing item that you bought?

A shirt for my son. I haven't bought an article of clothing for myself in awhile.

2. If you could stay one age forever, what age would you choose?

hmmmm. I think 35. I was coming into my own. I was much wiser than when I was in my twenties (and Lord knows I'd never want to be a teenager again for no amount of money). And I still looked young. 🙂

3. When you say “lol”, are you really laughing?

No. However, if I say, "I literally lol'd…", then I am laughing.

4. What is the most interesting thing you’ve done in the past year?

Dang, I really cannot think of anything. I went through all the questions and came back to this one… still nothing. I've had a lot of changes going on in my life over the past year. And experienced a lot of great things. I just can't think of something I'd say is the most "interesting". If I think of something, I'll come back and edit this question.

5. If you started a business, what would it be?

An interior decorating/design business.

6. Do your friends/family/coworkers know about your blog?


7. How long does it take you to write an average blog post?

Between 2 -3 minutes to 2 – 3 days. Seriously. I've worked longer on posts, though. I may have a thought or idea and start drafting it, but because of time, may work on it a few minutes at a time, till I get it finished. But for posts like Wordless Wednesdays… just a couple of minutes is all it usually takes.

8. How do you keep up with the blogs you follow?

The ones I love reading every day, I subscribe to via email. Others through my Google Reader.

9. What is your bedtime? Is sex always involved?

I know I need a bedtime routine, but I sometimes (not as often as it should be) get in bed around 11pm. Most nights it's after midnight. I'm not answering the 2nd part… on grounds it might incriminate me. lol. (see I didn't say, "literally lol'd).

10. Introvert or extrovert?

Extrovert. However, I will say that I've found myself a little less of an extrovert as I've gotten older. Odd…

11. What is your biggest fear?

I've not seeing my son grow up and watching his child(ren) grow up.

12. What is the best job you ever had?

The job I have now as a blogger. And as a Mom. 🙂

13. Dog person/cat person/both/neither?

I'm a big animal person, but between the two — dog person.

14. If you had $1,000 to spend any way you wanted, what would you do with it?

Well, since it's not enough money for a tummy tuck… I'd probably spend it on my hubby and son. 

15. How do you "dress" your toast?

Lately with all-natural peanut butter.

16. How do you feel about snow?

Meh. I'd like one good snow every winter. Other than that, I can live without it.

17. What was the worst job you ever had?

I can't remember the title of the position, but it was at a hospital (which if you know me, especially back then, a hospital would be the last place I should ever work), and one of my duties was transcribing the Doctors notes. I was so stressed all the time that I was going to misread their handwriting and cause someone to die. Hated it!

18. What song can you not stop listening to?

Lately it's Somebody That I Use To Know by Gotye. The melody is mesmerizing. If you belly dance for exercise (or just belly dance), this is a great song to do that to. 

19. Love your name or hate it?

I used to hate it. But it's grown on me.

20. How did you choose your blog/twitter handle?

Wow, my blog name is so boring, I guess. It's my blog, by me. 🙂