What’s Your Prom Dress Personality? #spon #prom

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I love all those quizzes you see on a certain social sharing network. I’m sure you’ve seen them, like, “What famous author are you most like?”, or “What singer is your soul mate?” There was one in particular that caught my eye,ย  “What’s your prom dress personality?”

Out of curiosity, I took the quiz and I got — long and glam. Which is exactly what I chose for my prom dress a few many years ago. It was similar in style to this beautiful dress from www.jenjenhouse.com:

Prom Dress Long and Glam

The biggest difference in my prom dress was the color… mine was pink.

I can remember shopping for prom dresses like it was yesterday. I always loved shopping for clothes (still do) and other than my wedding dress, my prom dress was one of the most exciting shopping experiences ever.

I could sure see myself in this modern A-Line with a detachable Chiffon… what fun! I know I’d loved to have had JenJenHouse available to me when I was shopping for prom dresses.

Prom Dress Modern Fun

What prom dress you decide to wear says a lot about your personality and your style, and it should reflect who you are… whether it’s long and glam, sleek and sophisticated, modern, cute and quirky, or short, fun and flirty, it should make you feel comfortable to be in it.

It definitely should make you feel beautiful on this special occasion. And prom night certainly is one of the highlights of many a girl’s high school lives.

Will you be shopping for a prom dress for yourself or for your daughter this spring? What style of prom dress do you like best?


  1. I’m an empty-nester. So there is no prom dress shopping for me and I only had a son. I love the long gown you have at the top of the post.

  2. Nope. Still a few years before the prom dress shopping starts! I can’t wait though. I love shopping for everyone, but myself.

  3. I loved shopping for my prom dress – it was a long, modest, beautiful thing!

    I won’t get to shop for prom dresses again as I have boys.

  4. I remember my prom dress – still have it actually. I bought it with my own money and was so excited to find it on the sale rack. I look back and it is a very “grown up” fancy dress – not fun and stylish lol. A few years still before I will be Prom Dress Shopping with my daughter.

  5. I like so many of the styles and they have gorgeous ones here. The only thing I never could tolerate was strapless though. I just can’t stand that feeling of having to tug. I love the way they look, but I just couldn’t wear them. My daughter did though.

  6. My daughter has two years to go until she goes to prom; however, she has had to wear a formal dress to several events this year. In fact, her band banquet is on Saturday.

  7. I wish our oldest was involved in school dances but she’s not we have to wait for our 2nd daughter who’s only 5 to hit high school. Kinda sad that I won’t get the opportunity to dress shop and the whole shabang.

  8. I always picked long dresses. I love how glamorous they are and wish they were more socially acceptable at weddings lol

  9. I went to the prom but my dress wasn’t anywhere near this beautiful! I love that pink dress.

  10. mine was strapless…Cinderella style, gloves and all ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’ve never shopped for prom dresses before and I really hope to never have to. I honestly don’t see the need for my girls to go to a dance especially since they won’t be allowed to date in high school.

  12. Just for kicks and giggles I looked up a prom dress quiz and found one on Seventeen magazine. Guess I’m vintage-boho, whatever that means. The dress they showed in the pic was long and flowing in a cream color and red leaf lace applique all across the shoulders bodice and “dripping” down the front. Very pretty.

  13. I love the long and elegant look although fashions have changed over the years. I remember my prom dress being super poofy!

  14. No prom dress for us for a while my daughter is 8 but I so love the ones you have showcased here just my style.

  15. They have such pretty dresses! I love that they have so many colors, styles, and sizes to choose from! It is a really neat site!

  16. I didnt go to prom but I love all dresses. I spend a lot of time on this site !

  17. I didnt go to prom, and I only have a son, but I secretly wish I could wear dresses like this some time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I love that their dresses are so affordable. I’ve been browsing their site for well over a year. And they aren’t just for Prom’s I look for dresses to wear for weddings there too.

  19. I love all of the options for prom dresses now. I had so few choices when I wen to prom

  20. My daughter and I clash when it comes to fashion. Thankfully I have one more year to go before we shop for prom dresses. And when that day comes I’ll just be quiet with my credit card in hand :).

    I love the pink dress though :).

  21. neither of my daughters are anywhere near ready. Mine was form fitting, black, and the back was open with rhinestones framing the whole in the back

  22. I miss the days of shopping for a new dress for the latest formal dance. I’m fairly certain I would get long and glam as my quiz results too!

  23. I need to check this site out because my daughter needs a dress for a formal graduation dinner this spring. She’s not a frou frou girl at all though, so it’s been tough trying to find something she’ll like and that’s affordable for just one evening!

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