What College Students Should Look For When Looking For A Place To Live

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What College Students Should Look For When Looking For A Place To Hire2 copy

Students’ years are one of the most exciting years in a human’s life. This is the first time when you are leaving your parents’ home and going to live on your own. This fact gives all people the incredible feeling of being already grown ups, mature people capable of taking care of themselves. And when the dream letter arrives telling you that you are accepted by the college you have applied for you are extremely impatient to pack your things and leave as soon as possible to become a part of the great adventure called a “student’s life”.

But before you start enjoying the advantages and disadvantages of living a life far away from home you will have to complete one very important step that is actually the basis of your forthcoming life. And if you do not cleverly complete this step, it is very likely that you will not enjoy your student years as much as you expect to.

Yes, we are talking about finding the right place to live while you are in college. No matter if you are going to study in a college far away or near your home, in another town and even country, you will have to go through the whole process of looking for and finding the most appropriate place for you to live in during the next couple of years.

The following advices will help you make the best choice.

  • Examine the apartments given for rent in the area near the university as well as the apartments in the campus owned by the university

What College Students Should Look For When Looking For A Place To Hire copy

First year students usually prefer to choose a life in the university campus at least until they get used to the new place. This option is cheaper and more convenient but if you prefer to live in a house or apartment you should look for such places for rent that are still near to the university. After all, you do not want to spend a couple of hours everyday traveling to go to your classes, do you?

  • Think about whether you want to move in a furnished or unfurnished apartment or house

What furnished apartments usually include is a bed, a table, a couple of chairs as well as a couch, sometimes. This is it, the very basics. Unfurnished apartments as you can guess have no furniture but they are cheaper compared to furnished ones and you can easily find some cheap second hand furniture from special stores.

  • What are the facilities that the place should have?

A very important step is to check whether the place you are going to live in has some basic facilities that are extremely important for your everyday life. This includes air conditioning, proper heating for the winter season, a laundry room, closets, etc.

  • What about the rent contract?

Make sure you have clearly stated and arranged everything in the contract such as the overall price to be paid every month. If the contract includes something like “price per bed” this means that you are responsible only for your part of the rent and if your roommate does not regularly pay this should not be something of your concern.

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  1. Our daughter will be starting college in the fall of 2014. While we (hopefully) will be living in the same area, depending on where our home will be she may have a long commute. We’ve been humming and hawing on campus living because that way she’d have a couple of extra hours everyday for school work and studying, but on the other hand, living at home would be so much cheaper for her. At least we still have some time to decide!

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