Preparing A Wedding For A Close Friend: How To Make DIY Bouquet

Nothing can be more special than looking forward to your wedding – the day when you tie the knot with that special someone. What is equally more precious is when your close friend gets married and asks you for help. You want to make the best use of your time to prepare a dream wedding for your close friend so that she can remember it for life. Of all the preparations needed for a wedding, the most prominent one is preparing the bouquet.

DIY wedding bouquets

Helping your friend choose the wedding venue of her dreams is another checklist item you need to scratch off as soon as possible. If she hasn’t selected the venue yet, have her read more details here about a perfect option.

Back to bouquets… Though, you can hire a florist, don’t you think the bride-to-be will feel extra special if her best friend presents her a handmade bouquet? Interestingly, there are various DIY bouquet techniques to consider. Just follow these steps to create a bouquet on your own and you’ll have beautifully fragrant bouquets ready in no time.

DIY Wedding Bouquets

What You’ll Need

To make a flower bouquet, you’ll need a few bouquet pins, floral tape, bouquet wrapping, flower shears, flowers of your liking, water, and a bucket.

Get Your Flowers

The key here is to find fresh flowers. First, set out a budget for your bouquet. Then, think of the type of flowers you’d want and in what quantity. After that, do some research. Go for the best bet: if you think an online store offers the best deal for the type of flowers you need, opt for that. But if the local grocery store has the best flowers you need at the cheapest rate, buy from them.

Create Your Workspace

Usually, kitchens are considered an ideal place to make DIY bouquets for weddings as you can easily clean up the mess later. If your counter space is large, that’s even better. You can also opt for an outdoor space. Make sure to keep all your flowers in big buckets.

DIY Wedding Bouquet

Prepare Your Flowers

  • Make use of a stem stripper to remove the thorns. You can even remove them with your hands.
  • Remove the thorns from the roses.
  • Ensure all the flower stem are uniform.

Put Your Flowers Together

  • Make the base of the DIY bouquet using 2 to 4 flowers.
  • Cluster the stems of the flowers together and use a floral tape to wrap them.
  • Ensure at least one inch of the exposed stem is visible from where they’re wrapped.
  • At the bottom, leave at least 4 to 5 inches of stem to be exposed.

Construct Your DIY Bouquet

  • Around the anchored flowers, add more flowers to make a bunch.
  • Visualize your bouquet and its central point.
  • Mix colors and textures to generate an interesting composition.
  • Wrap the bouquet by continuously making use of the floral tape.

How To Wrap The Bouquet Using Floral Tape

  • Start wrapping the stems by leaving 1 or 1 ½ inches from the flower heads.
  • Make sure to leave at least zero to four inches of the stems exposed.
  • Use floral tape as your lead and fasten the ribbon horizontally.
  • Keep wrapping till the floral tape is fully covered and pin the ribbon to keep it secured.

Your first DIY bouquet is ready!

What’s next?

It’s time to help the bride with the the perfect bridesmaid dresses selection. Here’s a tip: suggest lace! Find a few at


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