Watching Big Bang Theory with my roommates

Guest post written by Nicole Masters

My roommates and I just randomly found each other through friends. So
it’s not like I really knew them all that well, but I had the word of
my friends. We hardly have anything in common, but a few weeks ago we
came across something that we all had in common. We all love watching
The Big Bang Theory. It’s just such a funny show and I’m glad that we
found out that we have all of that in common. Even if we’re not going to
be good friends, it’s nice to know that we can talk and have fun about
at least one thing.

We’ve also bonded on looking for season spoilers online with our wireless internet Fort Worth.
Then I like to bring them up when I see them around the apartment. We
also have very different hours for our work, which makes seeing each
other kind of tough, too.

When I told my boyfriend that I had
realized we had that in common he was relieved. I think that he was
worried about me living with people that i felt that I didn’t know. I
think that this rooming situation is really going to work out well.