Your Man Can Stay Cool during Warm Weather in a Soft Coat

I love a man in a sport coat. I understand adding a coat of any kind during warmer weather isn’t comfortable for most men, but a soft coat is perfect.

My husband can tell you I love him in a pair of jeans paired with a soft coat. It’s dressier than a sweater, but more casual than a sports coat. A great way for a man to pull off dress-casual.

I especially like a linen/silk or linen/cotton blend in the summer and the way it hangs/drapes on a man is very flattering, too.

Did you know that soft coats get their name because they lack the internal structure (sleeve heads, shoulder pads, and canvas chest pieces) of a sartorial sport coat?

If a man has a business meeting, going to a wedding, or just wants to look nice for a date with his significant other, the soft coat is the best choice for hot and/or humid weather.

With the soft coat you don’t have to sacrifice style to stay cool. It’s easy to dress to impress in the warmer months with a soft coat. Check out this infographic and learn more about this summer versatile alternative to the sport coat:


weekend bag infographic
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  1. I didn’t know there was a term for that. I tell ya, you teach me things, Donna!

  2. Although this isn’t my husband’s style, I’ll have to agree with you, they look great on guys!

  3. My husband doesn’t do coats but I actually think they look really great on most guys.

  4. Oh neat, I never new they had such a thing! This is good to know for the hubby!

  5. I think these are so stylish for men. My husband doesn’t wear clothing like this but I wish he would because I love the look of guys in sport coats.

  6. I think it is awesome that there is now a lightweight alternative for men in hot weather months.

  7. I think it is nice to see a man in a soft coat. I especially like the look with jeans and loafers.

  8. My husband is definitely a blue collar guy with a blue collar style, but he looks so fantastic on the rare occasions he wears a suit or dress clothes. Definitely one of my weaknesses!

  9. My hubby is totally into jackets. He doesn’t have any linen jackets but I do want to get him some.

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