Want to become a part of Weight Watchers Community Awareness Program?

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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There are so many options available nowadays for tracking your exercise and food routines, but it’s important you’re getting everything you want in one place.

Weight Watchers wants to make sure they do just that for their future members and want to hear from YOU as it seeks participants for an exclusive, secure, moderated online community. Those who participate will get the chance to contribute their opinions to the future of Weight Watchers.

In addition to the opportunity to impact the brand, members will receive a $10 Amazon gift code for joining and additional Amazon gift codes each month for participating.

If you have never been a member of Weight Watchers, you may qualify for this opportunity. Space is limited, so sign up today! http://mayweask.com/weightwatchers4


  1. I don’t believe in any app for watching weighs. It’s all down to the responsibility of a person.

  2. I participated in Weight Watchers about 20 years ago. I remember in my first week losing 7lbs! It was great…as long as you stick with the program!!! When I stopped the program, because the fees were getting too expensive, I started to gain it all back! So, moral of the story, stay on track!!!

  3. great to know

  4. I didn’t qualify but thanks for sharing the opportunity.

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